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Reentry Application Overview with Screenshots

This document outlines important information about the reentry application in eApp and Applicant Review. Once eApp and Applicant Review are replaced by Slate, there will be a new KB Document with updated directions for reentry students.

The reentry application is available for students who left the university before finishing their graduate degree and wish to return to the same program within five years of their last enrolled semester. The reentry application is a shorter version of the new student application meant to streamline the application and review process. Like the application for new students, a reentry applicant must go through the same process of being recommended for admission by the program, then officially admitted and matriculated by the Graduate School, and finally term activated by the Office of the Registrar.

The reentry application is available for all open terms and for all programs. The cost for a reentry application is the same as a new student application: $75 (plus a $6 fee for international applicants).

For additional information about the reentry application, please review the sections below.


Reentry applicants must have been enrolled in classes in their program within 5 years of the requested entry term. Reentry applicants can only rejoin the same program plan and sub-plan they were previously enrolled in. 

If eApp is not allowing a student to use the reentry application even though the student qualifies, please reach out to There are instances where a previous student’s enrollment record is not feeding into our application system correctly from SIS.

How to apply

To apply for reentry to the Graduate School, reentry applicants need to follow the steps below: 

  1. Find the online application at
  2. Log into the application.
  3. On the homepage, there are two ways to start a new application
    • If there is no application previously started or submitted in the system, under the section “Admission Application” there will be a link labeled Create New Application.
    • If an application has previously been submitted or started, click on the red button with a “+” (addition icon) to start a new application
  4. In the pop up window that appears, select Reentry in the drop down menu as the application type, input your 10-digit Campus ID, and select Add. (see screenshot below): 
    Screenshot of two dropdowns asking students to identify the application type as Reentry and Campus ID.

Parts of the Reentry Application

Personal Information (name, address, etc.)

Screenshot of the personal information section

There are four sections in the Personal Information tab. 

  • Name List
  • Home Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Personal Information

These sections are prepopulated with the information the applicant entered in their previous application or updated in the Applicant Center of eApp.

Term Select

Screenshot of the Term Select section

The terms available in the Term select drop down menu are all active terms in eApp. This is not dependent on programs deadlines but are set by the Graduate School. A term is open one year before the start of that term and turned off 2-4 weeks before that term starts.

The program will populate with the last graduate program the student was enrolled in.

Supplemental Application (if there is one for the program)

Screenshot of the Supplemental Application section

The supplemental application is exactly the same for reentry students as it is for new applications.

Sign and Submit

Screenshot of the sign and submit section

The Sign and Submit page includes the same questions as the new application section.

Note: the reentry application does not collect letters of recommendation. Previous letters of recommendation can be found in Data Mart if desired. If updated letters of recommendation are required, the program will have to collect these materials separately from the application. 

Deadlines for Reentry

The reentry application is available for any open term. It is not dependent on whether the program has an open application for new students for that term. 

Applicants will need to follow the same deadlines as outlined in the Admissions Deadlines KB document. Applicants will need to fill out a reentry application at least 4 weeks before the fall semester and at least 2 weeks before summer and spring semesters. If a student wishes to rejoin a program after the application system has closed for that term, please contact our office at to discuss options. 

For international students, specific timelines vary greatly depending on the student’s current visa status and country of citizenship among other factors. Broadly, applicants will need to follow the same deadlines as outlined in the Admissions Deadlines KB document. We advise that the student also review the ISS resource Becoming a Global Badger, which provides additional timeline information for the processing of immigration documentation.


Our program’s supplemental application is not relevant for reentry applicants. Can my program change the information collected in the supplemental application for reentry students? 
No. The student will have to complete the supplemental application. You are free to communicate with the student to determine how to approach this section of the application.

Can a reentry student rejoin our program for an upcoming term, even if our program does not admit new students to that term?
Yes. The reentry application is available for any open term, regardless if the program admits new students for that term or not.

If the student left the university and at a later term wishes to join a different program, do they use the reentry application?
No. If the student left the Graduate School and wishes to join a different program in the Graduate School, the student will have to fill out a new application for the new program. Reentry applications are only used for students who wish to return to the same program.

If the student was admitted to the program but never enrolled, can they use the reentry application?
No. If the student never enrolled in the program (e.g., never took courses), the student will not have the option to use the reentry application. The student will need to fill out a new application.

Oops! Our reentry student accidentally completed a new application instead of a reentry application. Do they have to reapply using the reentry application?
No — but please reach out to our office if you know that this has occurred, as this student’s application may not be addressed in a timely fashion otherwise. We also want to make sure to apply the correct admissions code (G12) when we admit.

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