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Graduate School Action Reason Codes

Graduate School Action Reason Codes



Program action=APPLICATION
G00- Available for Recommendation   App fee is paid. Available for department recommendation.
G02- Missing Records   Missing academic records/transcripts. GS examiner notifies applicant.
G04- Evaluation Available   Evaluation available after a departmental request. It will go to all departments that the applicant applied to.
G05- Dean's Review   Prosheet received, dean's review in progress.
G06- GS Follow-Up   Additional or updated information requested from applicant.
G07- Change of Session   GS requires written notification from dept or applicant. GS enters G07 code, then department needs to make recommendation.
G08- Reentry Request   GS has received written notification from dept/applicant. Available for departmental recommendation.
G10- Prosheet Requested   Prosheet requested. Justification required from department (Examples: low TOEFL, low GPA, narrative transcript, education not comparable to a US degree).
Program action=DEFER DECISION
G35- Intl Pending - No TOEFL/IELTS   Applicant missing TOEFL/IELTS. Memo is posted on Student status page.
Program action=ADMIT
G11- Admit - Full Standing   New grad admitted with no conditions.
G12- Re-entry   Re-entry admitted with no conditions.
G13- Temporary Admission - Missing Final Transcript   New grad admitted with conditions. Missing official transcript with final degree posted. Allowed to register for admitted term only. Hold placed to prevent future registration.
G17- Admit on Probation   New grad admitted on probation (set by either GS or Dept).
G18- Temporary Admit on Probation   New grad admitted on probation. Missing official transcript with final degree posted. Allowed to register for current term only. Hold placed to prevent future registration.

G57- GS Withdrawal  
GPRE- Grad Program Error   Should not be attached to any applicant.
UDUP- Duplicate Application   Duplicate application; will be deleted.

Program action=ADMISSION REVOKED (these are the Registrar's codes)
APWD- Applicant Withdrawal   GS requests applicant withdrawal by registrar's office (i.e. didn't enroll). Entered after matriculation.
TCHG- Term Change   GS requests term change by registrar's office (i.e. change of session). Entered after matriculation.

Program action=DENY
G40- Dean's Refusal   Dean denied admission after prosheet review.

Program action=MATRICULATION
G70- Create SR   Manual matriculation. Entered by GS after admit. Required for registration.
AUTO- Auto-Matriculation   Automatic creation of student record by a program that executed on a certain date.

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