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GSTS Advising Notes

The purpose of advising notes within the Student Information System (SIS) is to make notes about advisees or students in your program. To access Advising Notes, you must first be assigned as an advisor for the specific student. In SIS you can access the Advisor Center, which will show you notes about your advisees. Follow this path to access the report: Self Service --> Advisor Center --> My Advisees. Advisees will show if you are assigned as their current advisor in the Student Information System (SIS). The Graduate Program Coordinator in each program is responsible for entering the advisors for all graduate students. If you do not see any advisees listed in your student center, please contact your Graduate Program Coordinator to be entered as an official advisor.

Advising Notes allows advisors to create notes with related comments, attachments and action items for student advisees. *The student notification/student view functionality is not yet active in SIS* 

Using Advising Notes in Advising Center

Advisors can create advising notes for student advisees in the advisor center with related comments, attachments and action items. Advising notes can be restricted for internal use only so that students cannot view the note. Advisors can also send notifications to students regarding a note. 

Advisors with assigned advisees can follow this path to access advising notes: Self Service --> Advisor Center --> My Advisees. The advising notes are located behind the  note icon in the Advisor Center, in the “advising notes” column. If you are making a note for a student, but do not have assigned advisees, you can click the  to search for a student. 

Advising notes can then be accessed under the  “student center” page, in the pull down menu under the “other academic…” box. 

All open/active advising notes for a student are displayed no matter which user created or updated the note. If advisors have access to view data for other students, they will be able to view and create advising notes for those students as well. If no active/open advising note exists for the selected student the user can click on the  create a note button. 

Advising notes that the advisor has created or has been assigned to can be accessed by following this path: Self Service --> Advisor Center --> My Advising Notes. The user can also view pending and overdue action items under this navigation. 

As previously mentioned advisors can see and edit all of the notes for the student, regardless of who created the note or who (if anyone) the primary assignee (contact person) is. 

Creating an advising note

When creating an advising note for a student, you must select the institution, a category, and subcategory. The user’s id will populate for the “assigned to” field, and this can be changed. The “status” will default as “open” and “advisee access” of “no”. To allow the note to be displayed to the student, the “advisee access” field will need to be changed to “yes”.  A subject line must be created, if the note is displayed to the student they will see the subject line. The note item can be entered in the text box below the subject line. 

After the note has been entered, an action item can be created. Students do not have access to view action items. Action items include a description, status, and dues date. All fields are required in an action item. You can remove a previously created action item by clicking the  delete button. When reviewing notes an advisor has created or been assigned to, action items with an “incomplete” status will be marked as “pending” or “overdue” depending on the “due date.” In “my advising notes,” an advisor can use these features to create and manage an advising task list. 

Attachments can also be added to the advising note. 

Click on the green  submit button to create the note. Note items cannot be edited in the Advisor Center. In addition, a note cannot be deleted from the student record. After a note is created you can add a new notes items, change the category, subcategory, status, subject, note status, and advisee access, edit/delete action items, and/or remove attachments. But you cannot delete the note as a whole, nor can you edit/delete note items.  

Updating an advising note for a student

To view, edit, or notify the student for an existing advising note, click on the  advising note icon next for the student’s advising note. 

No additional action is required to view the note. Click on the  update note button to update the note, or click on the  notify advisee button to send an email to the student regarding the selected note. 

When updating a note, the user can change the note status, change the advisee access, add an attachment, create/update an action item or create an additional note item (*note content cannot be edited, only added). 

My advising notes

Under the “my advising notes” button the advisor/user can view a summary of notes assigned to them. The user can also filter/sort the notes. To access a note for viewing or updating, the user must click on the  advising note icon.

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