Summer 2019 career development training

The Career Development series provides the opportunity for graduate program coordinators to build a basic understanding of career development theory and practices and explore how they might apply these in their programs. Coordinators are invited to attend as many or as few of these optional events as they'd like.


The purpose of this series is to increase graduate students’ access to career planning expertise at the program level, by building basic career development knowledge and referral skills in graduate program coordinators.  The intent is not to train graduate program coordinators as career services professionals; rather, through active participation, graduate program coordinators will build knowledge and skills that allow them to have career-related conversations and provide referrals for graduate students considering careers outside of the academy.  This series is optional for graduate program coordinators.

Exploring Values for Professional Fit

Tuesday, June 18, 3:00-4:15pm presentation + 4:15-5:00pm networking  

Presenter: Elizabeth Schrimpf, Career Counselor in Adult Career and Special Student Services

Do you know what your workplace values are? Understanding values and their impact on work satisfaction, as well as how to communicate value-based needs to others, is an important part of career satisfaction for established employees, new professionals and graduate students exploring career opportunities.  Join Elizabeth Schrimpf, Career Counselor, in a guided values workshop where you will explore your own values, communicate your needs to others and learn how to effectively help others explore how values shape their career growth. After the 75 minute workshop, join Elizabeth and fellow graduate program coordinators for semi-structured networking - with snacks!

Motivational Interviewing for Successful Career Advising Practice

Wednesday, July 10, 2:30pm-4:00pm

Presenter: Carmela Diosana, Graduate Program Coordinator in Botany and past Career Development Facilitator grant recipient

Have you had an advising appointment where you only received one-word answers?  Do you use motivational interviewing in your practice? Participants will become familiar with the definition of and uses for motivational interviewing for advising.  This interactive and multimedia workshop, will have participants view and then practice a few techniques to be able to add to their advising toolbox.

Coaching Graduate Students to Rise Above Impostor Syndrome and the Fear of Failure

Tuesday, July 30, 9:00am-3:00pm

Presenter: Judy Ettinger, Senior Outreach Specialist, UW-Madison Center for Education Research

The University of Wisconsin–Madison campus supports and encourages the growth and development of its graduate students in all aspects of their education.  Academic and professional success is not only dependent on coursework but also on the ways in which each student feels about his or her successes.

We have all heard and read about phrases such as “Impostor Phenomena (IP)” and “Fear of Failure”, also known as atychiphobia.  Graduate program coordinators are in a key position to raise awareness among our students and our colleagues about the definitions of these terms and how they impact the ways students feel about their successes.  At the same time, we also need to be informed about the resources available on our campus to meet the needs.   

During this workshop, participants will become familiar with the body of knowledge associated with these two feelings.  Specifically, we will talk about:

  • an understanding of Impostor Phenomena, a.k.a. Impostor Syndrome
  • the impact of Fear of Failure on academic and career success
  • the growing recognition of the role that graduate coordinators can play in supporting, coaching and guiding students to minimize the impact of these feelings on academic and career success
  • how and why specific populations experience higher rates of IP and atychiphobia.
  • resources available on the UW–Madison campus that can assist in our efforts

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