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Guide: Editing Page for Fall Edition

This document explains the types of content edited in Guide through Lumen Program proposals, how to edit different types of content on your Guide page, a general overview of deadlines to edit Guide tabs, and resources to help with editing.

A graduate program's Guide page is a legal, binding agreement with students that displays the requirements for completing awards (degrees/graduate/professional certificates/doctoral minors). The Lumen suite of tools determines Guide content in support of the Single Source of Truth. Changes to a program's Guide page are implemented through Lumen Program Proposals.

The Guide is a relatively static document that can only be updated during certain times of the year. The "normal" cycle for changes publishes on June 1 for each upcoming academic year. The Guide Publishing KnowledgeBase provides a summary of Guide's publication process.

Look up your Program's Lumen Program Proposal (degree/certificate/minor)

Deadlines to Submit Lumen Program Proposal 

Types of Content

This document only pertains to the Graduate information in Guide; questions about undergraduate or other content should be directed to the appropriate School/College Guide coordinator or academic planner.

This KB will focus specifically on the content on the following pages in the Graduate Guide:

Each page has different sections, which are referred to as "tabs" because they appear as navigational tabs:

  Guide tab menu

Some program pages may also have "Accreditation" or "Certification/Licensure" tabs. Below the navigational tabs, every page also has a Contact Information Box:

A screenshot of a box called "Contact Information" which contains contact information for the African Cultural Studies program.

There are three "types" of content within these navigational tabs and the contact information box.

Governed content requires approval noted in Lumen including, but not limited to, department approval, school/college approval, Provost's Office (DAPIR) approval, Graduate School (GFEC) approval, and University Academic Planning Council (UAPC) approval.

Non-governed content does not require these steps of approval.

Directory information is likely self-explanatory: it contains information about people associated with the program. Directory information is also included within non-governed content. This is because it is also considered non-governed content, but we separate it here because it has distinct deadlines and update processes discussed in greater detail in a section below.

Categories of Guide Content
Governed Content Non-Governed Content Directory Information
Admissions Overview Professional Development
Requirements Funding People
Policies Professional Development Contact Information
Learning Outcomes People
Accreditation (if applicable) Contact Information
Certification/Licensure (if applicable)

Editing Process Based on Content Type

Refer to each section to learn more about the process and access needed to edit based on the type of content.

Governed Content

Governed content is approved through shared governance. Every faculty and staff member whose appointment is within a department or administrative unit that contains academic programs automatically has access to view and edit Lumen proposals. In these cases, no further action is needed on your part to gain access to edit governed content.

Authorized users (faculty and staff in academic departments/units) may edit program information at any time of year using Lumen Program proposals. When editing the proposal, select the upcoming academic year's fall term from the drop-down menu near the top. The proposal approval deadline varies by school/college, but typically occurs in March. However, if you are planning to create an entirely new program, this deadline may be earlier.

Important Links

  • Lumen Program Proposals: System used to approved changes / edits to governed content tabs.
  • Request Access for Lumen Programs: Form to request access to approve changes on behalf of your department or program or revoke access
    • All Department Chairs are automatically provided "Approver" access to their department
  • School/College Dean's Office Academic Planner Contact List: Every school and college has its own deadlines for receiving proposals to approve at the School/College level. While these deadlines typically fall between early January and April, contact your academic planner to learn about their specific deadlines. If you are planning significant changes or want to create a new program, please contact your academic planner as soon as possible.

Non-Governed Content

Non-governed content in Guide is edited in a development environment at this URL: Unlike governed content, access to "next-Guide” must be individually granted. Complete the workflow role request form below to request access. Before requesting editor access, review the Lumen/Guide Roles Directory tableau viz.

When requesting editor access, you will be requesting access to all pages associated with your department or administrative unit, rather than individual program pages. There is no way to restrict access below the department/unit level. To revoke editing access to non-governed content, email and specify the person and pages where access should be revoked. 

Authorized editors gain access to edit pages in beginning early November.  It may seem odd that the deadline for non-governed content is so much earlier than the deadline for governed content. This is because sufficient time is needed for the text on every tab of every page to be reviewed by each School/College Guide coordinator, and then finally by a professional copy editor, prior to the publication being released to the public on June 1.

Important Links

Directory Information

As directory information is included within non-governed content, editing access is granted the same way. However, because it is directory information, it can also be edited at any time of year. Note that outside of the typical editing cycle window (discussed below), only the Registrar's Office has access to make those edits. Email the email account to request changes to directory information.

General Overview of Deadlines

If you do not have access to the appropriate system, refer to the How to Obtain Guide and/or Lumen Authorization. Changes to a program's Guide page are implemented to the upcoming academic year. This means that while a Lumen Program proposal may be created, the change(s) would not be effective until the appropriate time frame.

Specific dates and deadlines for the upcoming academic year's Guide edition are listed on Lumen: Deadlines (2023-2024 academic year).

When to Edit Guide Tabs
Guide Tab Deadline to Edit System
Overview November 1 to February 1 Guide (editing environment)
Admissions Allowed anytime until governance deadlines in January - March Lumen
Funding November 1 to February 1 Guide (editing environment)
Requirements Allowed anytime until governance deadlines in January - March Lumen
Policies Allowed anytime until governance deadlines in January - March Lumen
Professional Development November 1 to February 1 Guide (editing environment)
People Anytime Guide (editing environment)
Learning Outcomes Allowed anytime until governance deadlines in January - March Lumen
Accreditation Allowed anytime until governance deadlines in January - March Lumen
Certification/Licensure Allowed anytime until governance deadlines in January - March Lumen
Contact Information Anytime Guide (editing environment)


History and Context

Guide is one component of a broader suite of tools that fall under the campus-branded umbrella name "Lumen." Faculty and staff can view some components of Lumen in the My UW Lumen widget. Guide is the front-facing publication that reflects changes made in Lumen to programs, courses, and other changes available through Lumen tools like Lumen Course Proposals, Lumen Program Proposals, and Lumen Structure Proposals (this last one not typically used by anyone outside of school/college dean's offices). A more detailed history of Guide's publication is outlined in the Guide Publishing KB.

Lumen and Guide KnowledgeBase

The Lumen and Guide KnowledgeBase has several documents that cover various topics related to the systems. Relevant articles to assist you with your program's Guide page updates include:


The Registrar's Office has created a self-paced Canvas course that introduces you to the Guide, Lumen, and teaches you how to edit. The Registrar's Office holds several Open Labs on a drop-in, first-come, first-serve basis to answer your specific Guide editing questions. Questions and work related to non-governed content only are answered in this space. Information about specific lab dates and times are announced via the graduate coordinators listserv. Contact for information.


The Graduate School provided a presentation to graduate coordinators and managers on how to update governed content in Guide via Lumen Programs. 


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