2021-2022 Process for Discontinuation of Doctoral Minors

This process is serving as an opportunity for programs to discontinue a doctoral minor with enhanced Graduate School assistance through campus governance.

The Graduate School is offering assistance in shepherding doctoral minor suspensions and discontinuations through the campus governance process in the Fall of 2021 and Spring of 2022.  If your program is seeking approval to suspend and discontinue your doctoral minor within this process, you must begin planning in the Fall of 2021 as these proposals will be presented to the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee in February of 2022.  Please follow the steps below:

  1. You must obtain the usual governance approvals for suspension and discontinuation including department approval and school/college Academic Planning Committee/Council (APC) approval.  Contact your dean's office or school/college academic planner to express your interest in suspending and discontinuing the program.
  2. Contact Jenna Alsteen, Asst. Dean in the Graduate School, at jenna.alsteen@wisc.edu.  The Graduate School will create the Lumen Programs proposal for you to present throughout the governance process.
  3. When you contact Jenna Alsteen, you must identify the term in which you wish to discontinue the program.  NOTE:  All proposals included in this process will be suspended effective Summer 2022.  Please keep in mind that you may have students who are currently pursuing or have completed the requirements of your minor, but have not yet completed their degree.  Because minors can only be posted to transcripts when the degree is conferred, you will want to pick a discontinuation term likely to be after those students have been awarded their PhD degrees.  It is the programs' responsibility to reach out to students pursuing their minors to communicate the discontinuations.  If a student has not had their degree conferred by the discontinuation term, a distributed minor will be granted with no exceptions.
  4. Once the Lumen Programs proposal is created by the Graduate School, you will add information to the proposal including: how many students are currently pursuing the minor, expected degree conferral date for each student and teach-out plans for minor curricula, and program communication plans informing students of the discontinuation. 
  5. Then you will present the proposal for approval through your department, school/college, and then the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee.  All doctoral minors seeking suspension and discontinuation through this process must be approved by their school/college by the final APC meeting of the fall term.  Approvals need to be indicated in the Lumen Programs workflow by January 14, 2022 to be included on the February 11th, 2022 GFEC meeting.
  6. All doctoral minors being considered for suspension and discontinuation will be presented at the February 11th GFEC meeting as one action item unless any committee member wishes to discuss any program exclusively.
As a resource, we have provided the data for the number of doctoral minors awarded from academic years 2016-2021.