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Send an email to a single applicant in Outlook and add to applicant's Slate Timeline

How to send an email out of your personal Outlook mailbox and have it added to the applicant's Timeline in Slate

Emailing an Individual Applicant in Outlook

Most of your emailing with prospective students will likely happen via Outlook, UW-Madison's institutional email client. If you'd like an email correspondence with an applicant in Outlook to be recorded in the applicant's Timeline, you can use a Slate feature called Inbox Gateway following the directions below:

Step One: Copy your individual Inbox Gateway address in Slate

    1. Hover over the Inbox icon in the top menu of Slate and select Gateway, as shown in the screenshot below
      Screenshot of Slate's top menu, hovering the cursor of the Inbox icon and selecting Gateway.

    2. On the far right of the screen, select the Connection Instructions link
      Screenshot of the Inbox Gateway page in Slate, with the Connection Instructions link highlighted.

    3. In the Connection Instructions pop up window, copy the long email address, which is highlighted in the screenshot below
      Screenshot of the Gateway Inbox address highlighted in the Connection Instructions window.

Step Two: Send your Outlook message to your Inbox Gateway address in the BCC line

  • To forward a message that you have received into Slate, you can either BCC this address on your reply or forward the message to this address.
  • Keep this address private and do not include it in the To or CC lines when replying to a person.
  • Messages sent this way will appear in the prospective student's Timeline within 15 minutes.

Please note: to see this message recorded in a prospective applicant's Slate Timeline, the prospective student has to have created an application account.


Important Notes on this Process

Save Your Inbox Gateway as a Contact in Outlook

Going through this process to copy your Inbox Gateway address each time you want to add an email correspondence into Slate would be a bit of a drag. Instead, add this Inbox Gateway email address as a Contact in your Outlook account so it is readily available for you. We suggest you give this contact a memorable name such as BCC Slate to remind yourself to put it in the BCC line.

This process only works for sending to an individual applicant

If you email multiple people and add your Inbox Gateway address to the BCC line, it will only attach the email to one of the recipient's timelines. So do not use this process if emailing multiple people.

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