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Check Your Program's Application Details, Deadlines, and Faculty Lists

This document provides an overview of the Program Details section in Slate, which provide an overview of program-specific information in Slate. There is additional information about the different Deadlines in Slate and what they mean.

Search for Program Details

  1. Select the Records icon located in the Slate top menu (icon looks like a Rolodex card)
    Screenshot showing location of the Records icon in the Slate top menu, which is the first icon next to the Slate logo in the top left

  2. Select the Programs link that appears in the right side menu
    Screenshot showing location of the programs link on the right side of the screen, which is the last link listed

  3. In the search bar that appears type in the name of your program; results will populate as you type in the name
    Screenshot of typing in the beginning of the word "biology" and results appearing

  4. Select your program from the list

  5. In the program page that appears, select the Program Details tab.
    Screenshot of the Program Details page for Cancer Biology PHD

What information is in the Program Details tab?

There are a lot of details regarding your program stored here, most notably:

  • Program Information
    • Your program's Slate ID number (top right corner)
    • The URL to your Graduate Guide program page
    • The number of recommenders required to apply for your program in Slate
    • Designated Query Manager(s) for your program
  • Domestic Admissions Deadlines and Requirements
  • International Admissions Deadlines and Requirements
  • Permissions
    • List of Graduate Coordinators for your program with access to Slate
    • List of faculty for your program with access to Slate

Deadline Definitions

Display Deadline: The deadline displayed in the application, which should match what is listed on your program's Guide page.

  • Display Deadline can only be adjusted once a year during the annual Lumen/Guide updates.
  • If the Display Deadline listed in Slate does not match the deadline listed on your program's Guide page, please contact the Graduate School Admissions Office at

Program Final Deadline: Applications can still be submitted up to this date in Slate, and the program commits to reviewing applications that arrive before this deadline.

  • Program Final Deadline must be after the Display Deadline, and we strongly suggest it to be at least 3 days after the Display Deadline, so applicants who experience last-second technical difficulties (or did not factor in time zone differences) have a short grace period to submit their applications.
  • Your program can request to move up the Program Final Deadline to stop accepting applications. For example, if your initial Program Final Deadline had been April 15, but by March 1 you already had a committed cohort of applicants and therefore do not wish to receive any more applications, you can request to have your Program Final Deadline to be changed to March 1.

Graduate School Default Final Deadline ("None"): Default deadline when no new applications can be submitted. It is listed as "None" in the Program Details page deadlines section. 
Summer entry term = June 2
Fall entry term = June 2
Spring entry term = December 2

  • If your program would like to extend the Graduate School Final deadline beyond the default deadlines listed above for each term, you must contact Graduate School Admissions Office at
  • If your Display Deadline is after the Graduate School Default Deadline for a term, the Program Final Deadline will be set to the day after the display deadline. For example, if your program has a Fall term Display Deadline for July 1, the Program Final Deadline will be set to July 2.

Screenshot of the deadlines section of the Program Details page, with the definitions above.


Will Slate tell applicants what the Program Final Deadline (hard deadline) is?

The Program Final Deadline is not posted for the applicant in Slate.

The only deadline available to applicants in Slate is the Display Deadline. The screenshot below shows what the Term Selection page looks like from an applicant's perspective.

Screenshot of Term Select section in Slate, showing a program's Display Deadlines.

Can someone start and/or submit an application between our Display Deadline and Final Program Deadline?

Yes (as long as the Display Deadline and Final Program Deadline are not the same date).

In Slate, an applicant chooses their program first, and then they select their entry term.

After an applicant chooses their program, only terms still accepting applications (terms where the Final Program Deadlines have not passed) will be available to select in the drop down menu, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of the term selection drop down menu.

Example Scenario

Applicant Neville Longbottom intends to apply to the Herbology PHD program, which has the following deadlines for Fall 2025:

  • Display Deadline: January 15, 2025
  • Program Final Deadline: February 8, 2025

If Neville starts his application on February 10, 2025, he would not be able to select Fall 2025 as the term, because the Program Final Deadline has passed.

If Neville starts his application January 20, he would still be able to select Fall 2025 as his term, because the Program Final Deadline has not passed (even though the Display Deadline has passed.)

If Neville starts an application and selects Fall 2025 as the term but fails to submit it by the Program Final Deadline, the application will not let Neville submit the application after February 8, at 12:01 AM. Neville will hit a “hard stop” when attempting to submit, and he will be given a notice that the program’s deadline has passed. At that point, Neville could switch the term to an open term; there is a good chance Neville may not have to change anything else about his application (except, potentially, answers to the Supplemental Application if the program has updated it for the new term).



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