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Deny Applicant(s) Admission

This document goes over the steps of how to deny applicant(s) admission to the Graduate School in Slate. There are two methods: (1) deny applicants one at a time, or (2) deny in bulk using Classify.

Deny an Individual Applicant Admission

  1. Navigate to the applicant's application (Search for an applicant or application KB document)
  2. Add the application to your Queue by selecting the Add to Queue button in the bottom left of your screen
    • Note: if you are sure you are going to deny this applicant for admission, you may wish to notify the applicant via email at this point. To do so, select the applicant's name in the top left hand corner of the screen, and then select the email address. This will open up an email message screen, where you can write an email to the applicant without leaving this screen.
  3. Select the Review Form / Send to Bin button on the bottom right part of the screen
    Screenshot showing the Review From / Send to Bin button highlighted

  4. In the Next Bin drop down, Select Deny (Department, G90)
    Screenshot showing the Deny (Department, G90) is chosen

  5. Select the Send button, effectively recommending the applicant for admission. After 5-15 minutes, this applicant will be sent onto the Graduate School Review Workflow to be reviewed. (Track Your Applicant's Progress Using Homepage Queries KB Document)

Deny Applicants Admission in Bulk using Classify

To deny multiple applicants at a time, you will need to use a tool in the Reader called Classify.

Classify is a powerful feature that should be used with caution, and for this reason is an ability reserved only for Graduate Coordinators. Classify has the potential to move all of your applications to any bin in your Review Workflow, including the Decision - (G60) Recommend Admission bin, which could erroneously recommend a bunch of applicants for admission all at once. That said, it is also a very useful tool that has some safeguards in place to make sure you know exactly to which bins the applications are headed before you send them there. So, if used carefully and deliberately, it can save you and your program a lot of time.

Step 1: Navigate to Classify in the Reader

In the left-side menu of tabs, select Classify, as shown in screenshot below.
Screenshot showing the Classify button on the left hand navigation menu

Step 2: Set the pending bin and select the applicants you wish to move to that bin

Set the pending bin to Deny (Department, G90) using the drop down menu on the right side, highlighted in the screenshot below. Then select the applications you wish to move to that bin. Each application you click on will be highlighted in dark blue, as shown in the screenshot below.
Screesnhot showing that the pending bin has been set to Deny and several applicants selected

Step 3: Select Update

Once you've highlighted all the applications you wish to deny, click the Update button. This will add the Deny (Department, G90) bin to the Pending Bin column and deselect all of the applications, as shown in the screenshot below.
Screenshot showing pending bins selected

Step 4: Select the group of applications you wish to actually move to the bin noted in the Pending Bin column

Once again, select the applications you wish to move to their pending bin, Deny (Department, G90).
Screenshot showing the same applicants selected again

Step 5: Select Commit Pending and then type in COMMIT

Once you are sure you want to move the select applications to their pending bins, click the Commit Pending button (Step 1 in the screenshot below). This will open a small pop up, asking you to confirm your choice by typing in COMMIT and selecting the OK button (Step 2 in the screenshot below). Please note that you have to type COMMIT in all caps for the action to go through, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot showing the two steps to COMMIT pending

Step 6: Review your work

Once you have committed the applications to their pending bin, you will see that the applicants' current bin has changed, as shown for the applicants highlighted in the Current Bin column in the screenshot below.
Results showing the previously selected applicants have been moved to the Deny bin

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