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Graduate Admissions: Applicant Records Review and Evaluation Process

Description of the Graduate School's admissions process

When reviewing applicants, programs are advised to keep in mind Graduate School minimum requirements as well as their own. Graduate School requires a bachelor degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution with a minimum gpa of 3.0/4.0 on the last 60 semester hours. For students with international education, a degree comparable to a regionally accredited U.S. bachelor degree with a strong academic performance comparable to a “B” or above average grades is required. Anyone attending an institution where the language of instruction is not exclusively English is required to provide an English proficiency score. TOEFL or IELTS scores are required for non-English speaking or bilingual schools. Scores must meet Grad School requirements: TOEFL -- 550 paper score, 213 computer score, 80 internet(IBT)score; IELTS 6

All recommended applicants' academic work is reviewed to make sure Graduate School minimum requirements are met.

When to submit a pro-sheet

A pro-sheet is required if any of the minimum requirements have not been met. The pro-sheet form is available on the Graduate Review page in Applicant Review-but only if a pro sheet has been requested by the Grad School. Fill it out online, referencing supporting documents, including letters of recommendation as appropriate. The admit recommendation codes on the Applicant Review list and the pro sheet should agree.

How to request an evaluation

Request evaluations through Applicant Review: G83 for routine and G84 for rush. When the evaluation is available, G04 will appear on the program worklist. The evaluation appears in Applicant Review. If information needed for the evaluation is missing (such as information about school attended), G06 will appear and the online Student Status Check will indicate what is needed.

Evaluations: When evaluating or reviewing an applicant’s record, look at the last 60 semester hours of graded undergraduate work, roughly the last two years (calculations are done on an entire semester or quarter) of the undergraduate career. Quarter hours can be converted to semester hours by multiplying by .67. It is the department’s responsibility to determine if the academic work meets their program’s requirements for admission. Graduate School only calculates undergraduate gpas. Graduate and postgraduate grades are listed, e.g. 4 semester hours A, 3 semester hours B, etc. If an applicant has two completed bachelor degrees, we calculate the gpa for the most recent one.

A 4 B 3 C 2 D 1
A- 3.7 B- 2.7 C- 1.7 D- 0.7
AB 3.5 BC 2.5 CD 1.5 DF 0.5
B+ 3.3 C+ 2.3 D+ 1.3 F 0

International Evaluations: Because there are so many different grading systems check the Wisconsin Directory of International Institutions which contains more than 500 profiles of schools from which we’ve received applicants. It can be accessed via the applicant’s data page (if their school is highlighted) or via the GWIS Bulletin Board. For countries using the 4 point scale and a semester system, we follow the domestic method of the last two years of work (Korea, Thailand and Turkey). Otherwise, the grade average is an overall for the duration of their studies. Completed degree programs are required from most countries, the exception being some German universities and the French grandes ecoles. Only 3 year bachelor degrees from the United Kingdom, Israel, Quebec province in Canada and New Zealand, and certain new style Bologna 3 year degrees from the Netherlands, Norway, Italy and Germany, are admissible. Check 3 year degrees in the Wisconsin Directory.

TOEFL verification or TOEFL waiver

If you have a paper TOEFL score that is not in Applicant Review you can verify it with ETS by 1-877-863-3546. Indicate date you verified, sign your name and list department name before sending the paper copy to us. TOEFL waiver requests should be addressed to the admissions dean and be prepared by the individual on the admissions committee who has had contact with the applicant.

Monitor Applicant Review regularly; check the online Student Status Check for codes G02 and G06

Codes used by evaluators prior to admission:
G02 Missing academic records/transcripts
G04 Evaluation available
G05 Pro-sheet received, Dean’s review in progress
G06 Graduate School followup
G10 Pro-sheet requested

G35 Used by examiners to inform international applicants that they are missing English Proficiency scores.

Admission holds

Applicants must use MyUW to check status of application and to view Graduate School requests for documents.

In the best of all possible worlds all transcripts submitted would be official, final, complete, in English and native language, but they often aren’t. Therefore, we use G13 to allow temporary admission and give the applicant up to the 3rd week of class to submit the official, final records. Holds are placed on international applicants at the time G03 is entered -- one hold prevents registration for the semester after they first enroll, the other prevents issue of a UW–Madison transcript. Domestic holds are not placed until after 3rd week of class of first semester of enrollment. G11 is used for applicants who have submitted their final official documents. However, for G11s we may still ask for final postgraduate transcripts to complete their file.


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