Communications and Connections: Who to Call, Graduate School (by first name)

This document contains contact information for the Graduate School based on first name.

Contact information by office can be found at

Contact information by function can be found here.

Academic Services Academic Policy 608-262-2433 217 Bascom
ImageNow / Web Now 
Late Course Change Requests 
Late Registration
Probationary Holds
Satisfactory Progress
Student Issues
Amy Bergholz Executive Assistant to the Dean 608-263-1353 217 Bascom
Alexandra Walter Degree Granting (PhD) 608-262-3011 228 Bascom
Dissertation Pre-checks & Final Reviews
Dissertator Status
PhD Warrants
Preliminary Warrants
Alissa Ewer Guide to Graduate Student Life 608-262-9970 209 Bascom
Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
Professional Development and Communications
Websites/KnowledgeBase - Graduate School & VCRGE (backup)

Alpha Split

Eric Lynne

Admissions A through H 608-262-8811 232 Bascom
Admission Status
Admit Letters
Document Holds
Domestic Evaluations
International Evaluations
Letters of Recommendation
Term Changes
Debbie Klimek Admissions I through R 608-890-0318 232 Bascom
 Admissions Status
 Admit Letters
 Document Holds
 Domestic Evaluations
 International Evaluations
 Letters of Recommendation
 Term Changes
Katie Bourassa Admissions S through Z 608-262-0805 232 Bascom 
Admission Status
Admit Letters
Change/Add/Discontinue Major
Domestic Evaluations
Final Document Holds
Grade Changes
International Evaluations
Letters of Recommendation
Term Changes

Amy Fruchtman Professional Development Events 608-265-9078 225 Bascom
Individual Development Planning (IDPs)
New Graduate Student Welcome
Abbey Thompson Professional Degrees and Certificates 608-263-5517 229 Bascom

Jeff Cary Diversity Recruitment Efforts 608-263-5522 231 Bascom
Fellowship Payroll
Fellowship Tuition
Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society
SROP (Summer Research Opportunity Program)
Third-Party Deferrals
Doua Lee Diversity Data 608-263-5517 231 Bascom
Diversity Recruitment and Retention Efforts
Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Funding
Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society
Diversity Resources
Abbey Thompson
AOF/GRS 608-263-5517 229 Bascom
Chancellor's Fellowship Competition
Funding Resources
Mellon-Wisconsin Fellowship Competition
Professional Degrees and Certificates
Recruitment Funding
Travel Awards
Tuition Remission for Fellows
University Fellowships
Debbie Klimek Alpha Split: I-R (Functions listed under Alpha Split above) 608-890-0318 232 Bascom
Eileen Callahan Dissertation Writing Camps 608-262-6133 223 Bascom
Professional Development
Elena Hsu CIC Traveling Scholars 608-890-2739 228 Bascom
Degree Granting (Masters)
Degree Variations
Dissertation Pre-checks & Final Reviews
Double Degrees
Dual Degrees
Joint Degrees
Special Committee Degrees
Warants (Masters)
Emily Reynolds Breadth Requirements/Minor Opt-Outs 608-890-3419 231a Bascom
Curricular/Program Changes
Guide Coordinator
ImageNow Academic Program System
Program Data Integrity
Jenna Alsteen  Accreditation
Capstone Programs
608-890-2291 211 Bascom
Certificate Programs
Data Access and Integrity
Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC)
 Graduate School Academic Planning Council (GSAPC)
Judy Bauman Admissions & Academic Policy 608-262-0735 227 Bascom
Application Fee Corrections
Application, Grad Student
GWIS / SARA Authorization
GWIS Communications
Probationary Admits
Supplemental Applications
Katie Bourassa Alpha Split: S-Z (Functions listed under Alpha Split above) 608-262-0805 232 Bascom 
Meghan Chua Communications 608-262-1799 225 Bascom
Major Areas of Study
Graduate School website (
Graduate Student Life microsite (
Multicultural Graduate Network (MGN) MGN Events 608-890-4731 358 Bascom
Peer Mentor Awards
Student Research Grant Competitions (formerly called "Vilas")
Nick Sigmund Data Requests 608-262-4959 231a Bascom
Program Data Integrity
Program Data Profiles
Program Reviews
Parmesh Ramanathan Associate Dean for Graduate Education 608-263-0557 217 Bascom
Peter Kinsley Data Access & Integrity 608-262-9597 231A Bascom
Data Requests
Exit Surveys
Program Data Profiles
Student Experience Surveys
Query Library
Eric Lynne Alpha Split: A-H (Functions listed under Alpha Split above) 608-262-6749 232 Bascom
William Karpus Graduate School Dean 608-263-1353 217 Bascom

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