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Program review provides a time for program faculty to analyze the quality of their programs as a whole, to affirm ways that the program is working well, and to implement improvements.  Programs must be reviewed at least once every ten years under UAPC policy, Board of Regent policy, and federal financial aid regulations.  Program review also meets a requirement of institutional accreditation. 

The School/College Deans hold primary responsibly for initiating program review and for seeing that program review is carried out. The program faculty have responsibility for the self-study and for assuring the quality of the student experience.  The University Academic Planning Council (UAPC) is the governance body with responsibility for program review policy. Program review oversight is coordinated by the director of APIR on behalf of the provost.

The Graduate School, Academic Planning and Institutional Research (APIR) and other units provide resources to aid in program review. Yearly program review training is held for programs beginning the process of review.  Documentation from the training workshop can be found here.

The following link to APIR's Knowledge Base for Program Review provides comprehensive documentation on the following:

*Special Case:  Aligning ACCREDITATION and graduate program review

If a graduate program is anticipating an accrediting review, the preferred approach is to request that a Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC) member be allowed to participate in the relevant parts of the program’s accreditation review team and site visit. Graduate programs undergoing accreditation review are encouraged to include a meeting with the appropriate Associate Dean in the Graduate School as part of the accreditation team's site visit due to the support the Graduate School provides.

In cases where the GFEC member believes that their participation in the accreditation review team and site visit was insufficient or the accrediting body does not permit an internal review component, the process below will be put in motion.  The rational for the process is that, while an accrediting review can provide high-quality feedback regarding a program’s compliance with accrediting guidelines, those guidelines may not address all the issues of interest to the Graduate School or to the campus. An internal review, thus, needs to be designed to accomplish that latter task.

The internal review process to supplement an accreditation review:

  • When the external review team’s report is in hand, along with any departmental reactions to that report, the appropriate School/College Dean and a Graduate School Associate Dean will appoint a three-person committee.  Two individuals will be appointed by the School/College Dean while one will be appointed by a Graduate School Associate Dean.  To the extent possible and as is customary, the Graduate School appointee will be someone familiar with the field/nature of the program.
  • The committee will be given access to the program’s self-study, the external review team report, and any departmental responses to the report.  If the committee (the chair to be appointed by the Graduate School) needs further information, it will have the authority to ask the program for supplementary documents or for additional interviews with faculty, staff or students.
  • The committee will write a brief (3-5 pages) report, with recommendations as it sees fit. That report will go to the program, and the unit can respond in writing if it feels that a response is warranted.
  • The School/College’s Academic Planning Council will vet both the internal and external reports.
  • The Graduate Faculty Executive Committee will vet the reports.

See the Supplementary Graduate Program Review Guidelines hereSupplementary Graduate Program Review Guidelines

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