Individual Development Plan (IDP) Information Session for PIs, grants admins, and mentors

This KB document contains videos, based on 90-minute information sessions hosted in fall 2014 for NIH-funded PIs, grants administrators, and mentors.

For your convenience, the content of the information session is split into 4 video segments: 

The information sessions included Q&A, and many of these questions are captured in the FAQ section of this webpage.

Read more about the IDP initiative here:

 Part 1 (6 minutes, 56 seconds)

TOPICS: Background about the UW-Madison NIH IDP work group and process; general information about Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

 Part 2 (6 minutes, 14 seconds)

TOPICS: IDP policy overview; progress report (RPPR) suggested text

 Part 3 (25 minutes, 44 seconds)

TOPICS: IDP Reporting System roles and responsibilities; view what a mentee, mentor, PI, and grants administrator sees in the reporting system

  Part 4 (8 minutes, 11 seconds)

TOPICS: Overview of IDP resources available to all audiences: mentees, mentors, PIs, grants administrators, and graduate program coordinators

Read more about the IDP initiative here:

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