Graduate School Exit Surveys

Each term the Graduate School administers two web-based exit surveys--the Doctoral Exit Survey and the Masters Exit Survey--to students completing graduate degrees at UW-Madison. These surveys solicit feedback from graduating students on their academic experiences (e.g. program quality, support, advising), and gather information on students' post-degree plans. Exit survey data are used internally by the Graduate School to help inform policy review and development. Data are also regularly shared with graduate degree programs in the form of summary data reports to support program assessment and review efforts.

Doctoral Exit Survey (DES)
The Doctoral Exit Survey is administered to all graduating Ph.D. students as a required component of degree processing and conferral. Graduates must complete the DES prior to submitting their dissertation electronically to the Graduate School. More detailed information and a link to the survey can be found on the doctoral degree completion page of the Graduate School website. 

The current version of the Doctoral Exit Survey Questionnaire has been used by the Graduate School since Fall, 2015. Each spring the Graduate School provides Ph.D. program administrators an aggregated summary report of exit survey data collected from program graduates over the prior three academic years. To maintain student confidentiality, reports are only provided when a program has a minimum of five graduates over the prior three academic years. 

DES summary reports for the entire Graduate School and for each of the four academic divisions can be viewed by clicking on the following links:


Masters Exit Survey (MES)
Each term, masters students who have been issued a degree warrant by the Graduate School are invited via email to complete the Graduate School's Masters Exit Survey. Unlike the Doctoral Exit Survey, the MES is a voluntary survey for graduates and is not required for degree processing or conferral. Graduate program administrators and advisors also therefore play an important role by encouraging their graduating students to complete the survey. More information and a link to the survey can be found on the masters degree completion page of the Graduate School website

The current version of the Masters Exit Survey Questionnaire has been used by the Graduate School since Fall, 2015. Due to lower overall completion rates compared to the Doctoral Exit Survey, Masters Exit Survey summary data reports are only provided to programs every other academic year. However, programs may contact the Graduate School with custom report requests or data inquiries by sending an email to  

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