1. Admissions: FERPA for Applicants
  2. Applicant Review Faculty User's Guide
  3. Graduate Admissions: Graduate Application Status Check
  4. GRE
  5. CGS Resolution
  6. International Admissions Overview
  7. International Admissions: Finding Test Scores in SIS
  8. Recommendation of Admission Letter Templates for 131/Non-Pooled and 101/Traditional Programs
  9. Applicant Review Grad Coord User's Guide
  10. Department Action Reason Codes
  11. COVID-19 Flexibility in Admissions Decisions Encouraged
  12. COVID-19 Admissions and I20 processing
  13. Online Orientation Template
  14. Final Official Transcript Submission for International Graduate Students
  15. Fall 2020 Virtual Open House: Explore and Apply to Graduate School
  16. Spring 2021 Admissions Deadlines for Graduate Coordinators
  17. Graduate Student Life microsite
  18. Admissions Table in Guide/Lumen Q&A
  19. Graduate School Action Reason Codes
  20. Graduate Admissions: Applicant Records Review and Evaluation Process
  21. Summer 2021 Admissions Deadlines for Graduate Coordinators
  22. COVID-19 Graduate Admissions and Fellowships Deferment
  23. Term Change Process
  24. Fall 2021 Deadlines for Graduate Coordinators
  25. Spring 2019 Deadlines for Graduate Coordinators
  26. Fall 2018 Deadlines for Graduate Coordinators
  27. Fall 2020 Deadlines for Graduate Coordinators
  28. Wisconsin Directory of International Institutions
  29. Admissions and New Student Communication