University of Wisconsin–Madison Maximum Levels of Graduate Assistantship Appointments Policy

Research Assistant (RA) Appointments 

Lecturer (LSA), Teaching Assistant (TA) and Project Assistant (PA) Appointments

Academic Year Appointments (includes annual basis PA appointments held during the academic year): 

Semester Break and Spring Vacation:

Summer Appointments:

         *Registration is expected for any student using University facilities or consulting regularly with his/her professor.

Combined RA/TA/PA/LSA Appointments (Academic Year)

Graduate Student Fellowships and Traineeships

Procedure for Requesting Exceptions to Policy


          A full graduate load is:

If you have any questions regarding maximum levels of graduate assistant appointments, please contact Julie Karpelenia (262-8389), or Kelly Marks (262-5802) in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education-Human Resources Office.