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Coordlink January 2013

This document contains an archive version of the CoordLink newsletter from January 2013.


Spring Graduate Program Coordinator Meeting
Friday, April 19, 2013
9:30 am - 11:30 am
Biotechnology Center Auditorium, room 1111
Refreshments at 9:00

Please send suggestions for the spring meeting agenda to any of the following Graduate Program Coordinator Planning Committee members: Wendy Crone, Chair, Alissa Ewer, Amy Fruchtman, Michelle Holland, Sharon Kahn, Debbie Klimek, Darcy Little, Kathi Matthews-Risley, Deb McFarlane, Linda Scholl and Angela Thorpe.

Note: The Planning Committee has decided to have one spring and one summer Graduate Program Coordinator meeting rather than two spring meetings. The date for the summer meeting will be announced at a later date.

Graduate Appointments Panel:  Overview and Common Issues
Wednesday, February 13, 2013
2:00 - 3:00 pm
206 Ingraham
The Office of Fellowships and Funding Resources and Graduate School Human Resources will be giving an overview of graduate student appointments and common issues with payroll and benefits of which graduate coordinators should be aware.  While some topics will be presented, the session is intended to answer questions coordinators have about administering graduate appointments and how HRS fits into that.  It is not intended to be a training session on how to use HRS. Please RSVP by emailing Mary Butler Ravneberg.


Go Big Read seeks titles focused on global connections for 2013-'14 program

For the 2013-2014 year of Go Big Read, the selection committee for UW-Madison’s common-reading program is seeking a book that fits this theme of global connections. Fiction titles are strongly encouraged.

Updating Program Information

It's time to check your program directory for accuracy and to make changes if necessary.  The site is used by different units within the Graduate School, as well as across campus, as a way to communicate with individual or multiple programs. This site lists program "roles" the names of the person(s) in that role and their contact information. To view your program directory go to  Select your program from the list and select “Get Program/Unit information.”  You will need the ”G“ code for your program for both the login and password to make changes.  You'll find this code in the upper right hand corner of the individual information form.  Click on any "role" to bring up a complete list of "role" definitions.  If you have questions contact Kathi Matthews-Risley.

If you need to make changes to your program's academic program page on the Graduate School web site, go to Select your program from the drop down list and select Update Deadline Info.   You do not need a password to make changes here.  The Graduate School updates the academic program pages twice weekly. Check for your changes the week after they have been submitted. 


There are many campus and electronic resources available to you to help maximize your effectiveness and efficiency with the many administrative tasks you need in your coordinator's toolbox.  Click on the following links for more information:

Campus Systems and Course/Workshop Offerings

Useful Tools and Corresponding Course/Workshop Offerings

Leadership and Administrative Professional Development Opportunities


E-warrants pilot update

The e-warrants pilot group continues to work on development of a new electronic warrant request system.  Meetings of this group reconvened in early January, and we are currently in the testing stages, with high hopes to make the system available to a general audience of graduate coordinators in the spring.

Features of the new system will include: a web-based request interface which will replace the current paper request forms, an eligibility check that looks for academic deficiencies that would otherwise cause the warrant to be denied, prepopulated form fields from ISIS data to ensure accuracy, electronic routing to degree coordinators which will increase efficiency, automatic email notifications to you when your warrant request is approved/denied, and a self-serve warrant printing function that means you print your own warrants after they are approved.

These are all very exciting improvements, and we will keep you informed as we continue to develop the new system.

NEW CODE: G59-Applicant Denied Program Offer

The Graduate School created a new code(G59), which means the program made an offer of admission, but the applicant denied it.

The Graduate School will rely on the correct use of this new code (and all other admission codes) to accurately capture admissions data for the program data profiles, campus data reports, and several national surveys. The program data profiles are increasingly being used as a tool to assist the decision-making of the fellowships committees, program improvement/assessment efforts, and institutional program review. If you have questions about the new code or any admission codes, contact Judy Bauman.

WADM(Admin Withdrawal) G57 Graduate School Withdrawal Used at any time before matric. Used when docs are missing by deadline or fee was not paid. G00-->G60-->G57
  G58 Department Withdrawal Used at any time before matric.  Used when docs are missing by deadline or fee was not paid. G00-->G58
WAPP(Appl Withdrawal) G59* Applicant Denied Prog Offer Used after a G00. Internal process for program.  Program gave offer  G00-->G59
      of admission to applicant, but applicant denied the offer.    
      If applicant denied the offer, the G00 is followed by a G59. A G6x is not necessary.  
      The G59 will also be available after a G07,G08,G09(app fee has been paid), & G83,G84(eval request)  
      Although a G6x is not needed, the program may choose to enter the G6x. G00-->G6x-->G59
      In this case the G6x would be followed by G59.  
      The G6X(G60,G61,G63,G65,G66) is the  program offer.   
      The G59 will also be available after G80, G81,G82(related to program funding)  
DENY G40 Dean's Refusal After G6x series. Grad School does not agree with the program offer. G00-->G6x-->G10-->G40
  G90 Department Refusal After G00, when the applicant is not a good fit for the program. Some programs use a G58 instead. G00-->G90


Degree Deadlines for Graduate Students

Spring 2013

January 18 -- Dissertator Eligibility for Spring 2013.

April 26* -- Request for all Master's and Ph.D. Degree Warrants

May 17 -- Degree Deadline (Electronic dissertations due by 12:00 CST)

May 20- June 14 --Summer Degree Window Period**

* For master's students only: if you want your name to be printed in the commencement program, your department, must submit your warrant request before April 5.

**Window Period: This is the time between the end of one degree period and the beginning of the next. If you were registered in the previous semester and all degree requirements were met by the end of the window period, your degree will be granted at the end of the next semester and you will not have to register or pay fees for the next semester.

Spring 2013 Enrollment Deadlines

Please make sure that all of your graduate students, especially those with funding or student visas, enroll no later than Friday, February 1st. The Graduate School's "late enrollment" hold will be placed automatically at midnight on February 1st for anyone not enrolled, and any exceptions to that deadline require a rather complicated appeal process. For a complete list of enrollment deadlines, visit:


UW-Madison subscribes to the Premium Content of Versatile PhD, so that students pursuing a Ph.D. can have free access to specific non-academic career ideas, life stories of people who left the academy, and best of all, authentic resumes and cover letters by people who GOT THE JOB. Emphasis on humanities and social science discipline, but STEM content on the site is growing quickly.

If you are interested in viewing the information presented on the VP site, log in through the UW-Madison Graduate School web site the first time and gain access to the panel discussions AND the site’s “Premium Content”.


University Health Services

24-Hour Mental Health Crisis Services: 608-265-5600 (option 9)

Flu Prevention

There are other ways to prevent the flu in addition to getting a flu shot. Learn how.

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