EAD Subcommittee Assignments

This document contains the 2020-2021 subcommittee assignments for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education, Equity and Diversity Committee.

updated 01/29/2021

Communication Committee

Charge: responsible for communication links with OVCRGE's Centers, Institutes, and Graduate School, and other campus committees and offices, and external resources. Develop and maintain a website for the EAD committee. Prepare and distribute communication pieces to committee members and other interested parties.

Members (6)

Professional Development Committee

Charge: Create and coordinate educational experiences, i.e., workshops, seminars, networking opportunities, etc, for the Committee and the Centers, Institutes and Graduate School. Prepare budget proposals and funding requests to support professional development activities.

Members (7)

Ad Hoc Committee

Charge: Serve as the liaison with the Campus Equity and Diversity Office and other campus offices to identify issues, to coordinate activities, to form working partnerships, etc, in order to maximize diversity and climate efforts on the campus. Prepare committee reports including annual report to the Dean. 

Members (5)

Committee Support

Julie Karpelenia will assist the committees as needed.