Instructions for Linking Previous CITI Training to Your NetID

A linking request should be completed when an individual has completed previous CITI human subjects training that is not linked to their UW NetID (e.g., the previously completed training does not show up after logging in through the UW CITI Portal).

    Who should complete a linking request?

    Who should not complete a linking request?

Important: Do not attempt to request mergers directly from the CITI Program. Doing so may result in damage to your accounts and significant delays.

Below are the steps to complete a linking request.

  1. Record the CITI account member ID(s) you want linked to your NetID:

    • Log in to your CITI account at
    • Write down the CITI member ID that is at the top right of the "Main Menu" page.
      • Label this number “Member ID Number(s) to be linked”
    • If you have more than one CITI account that you would like linked, log in to those accounts and record those member IDs also.
    • Log out of all CITI accounts.

  2. Record member ID for NetID linked account/Create a NetID linked account

    • Log in to the UW-Madison CITI portal using your NetID credentials – this will automatically create new CITI account that is linked to your NetID, OR if you already have a NetID linked account, you will be logged into your NetID linked account.
      • The portal webpage above has instructions for requesting a NetID as well as NetID password help, if needed.
    • After entering NetID and password,you will be re-directed to the CITI website.
    • Write down the CITI Member ID that is at the top right of the "Main Menu" page.
      • Label this number “Member ID Number for NetID linked CITI account.”

  3. Complete the Linking Request Form using the member IDs collected in the steps above. The CITI Program typically completes these requests within a one business days and will copy you on the confirmation email.

  4. If you are user form another institution who is attempting to have your previous training recognized, see the section below.

Note for users with training from other institutions

If you completed CITI training at an institution other than UW-Madison or the Madison VA, you will still need to complete some of the modules within the UW-Madison/Madison VA course after the merger is completed. To determine which modules are required complete the following steps:

Once the merger (and, as necessary, any leftover modules) is complete, your training will be visible in the VCRGE Training Information Lookup Tool  and ARROW after the next download of data from CITI. Downloads of training data from CITI occur at 12:00 am, 6:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 6:00 pm CST.

If you experience any difficulty, please contact the Office of Research Compliance at or 608-262-1703. Support is provided Monday - Friday during normal business hours.

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