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NIH Training Grant Programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Biology of Aging and Age-Related Diseases Training Grant

Project Director: Dr. Sanjay Asthana
Contact: Sheila Hessman,

Wisconsin Allergy and Immunology Research Training Program

Project Director: Dr. James Gern 
Contact: Jae Werndli,

Predoctoral Training in Molecular Biophysics

Project Director: Dr. Meyer Jackson 
Contact: Kim Voss,

Graduate Training in Molecular Biosciences

Project Director: Dr. Christina Hull 
Contact: Kim Voss,

Interdisciplinary Biostatistics Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Michael Newton
Contact: Dori Kalish,

Biotechnology Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Brian G. Fox 
Contact: Elizabeth Holden,

Predoctoral Training in Cancer Biology

Project Director: Dr. Bill Sugden 
Contact: Katie Roemer,

Physician Scientist Training in Cancer Medicine

Project Director: Dr. Douglas McNeel 
Contact: Julene Gaspard,

Interdisciplinary Training Program in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Medicine

Project Director: Dr. David Demets
Contact: Dori Kalish,

Training Program in Translational Cardiovascular Science

Project Director: Dr. Jonathan C. Makielski
Contact: Christine Ayers,

Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Grant

Project Director: Dr. Laura L. Kiessling

Contact: Kris Turkow,

Institutional Clinical and Translational Science Award

Principal Director: Marc K. Drezner
Contact: Pamela Asquith,

Comparative Biomedical Sciences Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Charles Czuprynski
Contact: Kathy Holtgraver,

Research Training for Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine (T15)

Project Director: Dr. Mark Craven 
Contact: Karen Nafzger,

Demography and Ecology

Project Director: Dr. James Walker

Contact: Jeffrey Petersen,

Investigative Dermatology Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Hasan Mukhtar

Childhood Diabetes Clinical & Molecular Research Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Michael MacDonald

Training Program in Emotion Research

Project Director: Dr. Richard Davidson 
Contact: John Koger,

Endocrinology-Reproductive Physiology Training Grant

Project Director: Dr. Ian Bird
Contact: Tiffany Bachmann,

Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Predoctoral and Postdoctoral

Project Director: Dr. Adnan Elfarra
Contact: Barbara Lewis,

Predoctoral Training Program in Genetics

Project Director: Dr. Phillip Anderson
Contact: Patrick Litza,

Institutional Training Grant in the Genomic Sciences

Project Director: Dr. David C. Schwartz
Contact: Louise Pape,

Health Disparities Research Scholars Program

Project Director: Dr. Gloria Sarto

Research Training in Hematology

Project Director: Dr. John Sheehan 
Contact: Julene Gaspard,

Training in Language: Acquisition and Adult Performance

Project Director: Dr. Maryellen MacDonald

The Economics of Mental Health

Project Director: Dr. John Mullahy
Contact: Jane Lambert,

Postdoctoral Training in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research

Project Director: Dr. Marsha Mallick

Contact: Kay Smith,

Microbes in Health and Disease Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Bruce Klein 
Contact: Tracy Wiklund,

Graduate Training in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Project Director: Dr. Patricia Keely 
Contact: Lynn Squire,

Clinical Neuroengineering Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Beth Meyerand 

Neuroscience Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Tom C. T. Yin
Contact: Mallory Musolf,

Molecular and Applied Nutrition Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Rick Eisenstein
Contact: Bill Omdahl,

Surgical Oncology Research Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Herbert Chen 
Contact: Stephanie Murray,

Cellular and Molecular Parasitology Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Timothy Yoshino

Graduate Training in Cellular and Molecular Pathogenesis of Human Diseases

Project Director: Dr. Zsuzsanna Fabry 
Contact: Rachel Kulow,

               Joanne Thornton,

Integrated Training for Physician-Scientists

Project Director: Dr. Anna Huttenlocher 
Contact: Paul Cook,

Population, Life Course and Aging

Project Director: Dr. Alberto Palloni 
Contact: Jeffrey Petersen,

Primary Care Medicine

Project Director: Dr. Bruce Barrett 
Contact: Terry Little,

UW Radiological Sciences Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Timothy Hall 
Contact: Irina Diaz,

Interdisciplinary Research Training in Speech

Project Director: Dr. Susan Ellis-Weismer

Contact: Meenu Verma, 

Surgery Summer Research Experience for Medical Students

Project Director: Dr. Herbert Chen

Vascular Surgery Research Training Program

Project Director: Dr. K. Craig Kent

Training of Veterinary Students in Wisconsin

Project Director: Dr. Dale Bjorling

Postdoctoral Training in Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Tumor Development

Project Director: Dr. Caroline Alexander 
Contact: Katie Roemer,

Virology Training Program  (Predoctoral and Postdoctoral)

Project Director: Dr. Paul Lambert
Contact: Katie Roemer,

University of Wisconsin Voice Research Training Program

Project Director: Dr. Diane Bless

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