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GWIS, GWIS Lite, and status check - transition period FAQ

To Graduate Program Coordinators:

This FAQ is to serve as a source of answers to questions that you may have during this transition period.  As a reminder, we have both our old application and our new application feeding into GWIS, GWIS lite, and OASIS. 

GWIS was not designed to handle subplans or their attached docuemnts.  Supplemental applications, were written at the program level (e.g. G242, G396).

We were very excited to offer supplemental applications at the plan and subplan level, however there is not a good way to tie supplemental applications to a subplan in GWIS without restructuring GWIS.  GWIS will soon be replaced by the new Applicant Review (for those applying to the Spring 2018 term).

I hope we can all understand that this is a transition time and we may have to deal with what we have for now.  Below are questions that I have heard from some of you via phone or email. If you have other questions, please let me know by email,, so I may add them to this list.

Judy Bauman
Director of Admissions
Graduate School

Question: How do I find the people who have started an application but not yet completed/submitted the application?
Answer: Use the admission queries at

  1. Select Personal E-App Data query
  2. Select Term
  3. I suggest not using dates
  4. Click on the Run Query button
    *Note: the query does not go to the level of subplan/option, since GWIS was not designed at that level.

Question: My application seem lower than I expected. Should I be concerned?
Answer: Applicant numbers may be down because we are now requiring that applicants pay before completing/submitting their application. The old application would allow them to submit their application without paying an application fee.  To find out all of those applicants who have submitted an application OR just started an application but not yet completed/submitted your application you can use the admission queries at

  1. Select Personal E-App Data query
  2. Select Term
  3. I suggest not using dates
  4. Click on the Run Query button
  5. Look at the submit date column to see if an applicant has completed/finished the application.
    *Note: the query does not go to the level of subplan/option, since GWIS was not designed at that level.

Question: Have the applicants in GWIS paid the Application Fee?
Answer: All applicants in GWIS have paid the application fee, starting with the spring 2016 term.

Question: Where do I see the documents for each applicant.
Answer: In the application summary, located at the bottom of the data page for each applicant. Click on an applicant’s name on your GWIS list page. This should be the same as the old application.

Question: Why does the application look so different than the old application?
Answer: In the old application, the PDF was created at that moment. Maintenance of that PDF was a big workload for the Graduate School's Infotech office.  With the new application, what you see in GWIS is similar to what an applicant would see once they submitted an application.  It is not the exact application, but rather a summary of the application.  

Question: In GWIS, I am not seeing different links for different documents like I have in the past.  Is there a problem?
Answer: No. All documents will be under the application summary but we will not be maintaining, individual links like the old application.  

The exception to this is the letter of recommendation section in GWIS. This should remain as individual PDFs next to the recommender memo field.  I wanted this to remain so that you would still have an easy way to tell when a new recommendation came in by looking at the exclamation point on your list page. This should work the same as it did in the past.

Question: Will the exclamation point still for letters of recommendation still work the same in GWIS?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Should the app summary PDF which is at the bottom of the data page of GWIS include all documents?
Answer: Yes, that is what should happen.  Programs have reported some technical glitches for some applicants.  If you have problems, please contact me via email,

Question: What's the best way for me to report a problem I am experiencing?
AnswerYour main point of contact for admissions-related concerns is Judy Bauman, Director of Admissions,  Your email to Judy should contain:

  1. System where you are encountering the problem (GWIS, GWIS-Light, status check)
  2. Browser you are using (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  3. Term/semester
  4. Program, plan, and subplan
  5. Detailed description of the problem you are seeing, including the steps you took and what happened - the more information the better
  6. If possible, screenshots showing error messages or other relevant information
  7. Applicant the problem is related to, including campus ID and name
You will receive a response to your email (preferred over phone calls) within three business days.



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