1. Guidelines for Graduate Students on Admissions Committees
  2. Posting of Joint and Special Graduate Committee Degrees
  3. HLC (Higher Learning Commission) Related Policy Changes (2013-14)
  4. Graduate Program Student Learning Outcomes
  5. Academic Programs Attribute List
  6. Policy on Exceptions for Specialized Accreditation to Allow Undergraduate Credits Towards a Graduate Degree
  7. List of Graduate Programs that do not Require a Doctoral Minor
  8. HLC (Higher Learning Commission) Assumed Practices - GFEC/UAPC Powerpoint [Campus login required]
  9. Policy on Minor Requirement in Doctoral Training
  10. Policy Updates and Announcements - 2014 - Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
  11. University of Wisconsin–Madison Maximum Levels of Graduate Assistantship Appointments Policy
  12. Maximum Appointment Levels for Graduate Assistants By Appointment Type