Manifest - Working With Folders

This document outlines the purpose and function of the tabs and buttons on Manifest folder and how to use or manage them


Contacts should contain the list of people who are responsible for the folder. They are the person one would contact should there be any questions or problem with the said folder.

Note Being listed in the contacts tab does not make someone an administrator for the group, nor does being an administrator make someone a contact for the group. It is recommended that contacts be roles or lists of people who are responsible for understanding what the group is used for, who may not necessarily be the individuals who do the technical work..

Update Contacts

  1. Click the Contacts tab.
  2. Click +Add Contacts.
  3. Enter an Email address in a valid format and click Add Contact.
  4. Click Save.


In order to create and manage groups, users must have privileges on a folder. Folder administrators may change who can create groups in their folders within the Manifest interface and well as change contacts and group description.

Please see Manifest - Manage Folder Permissions for more info about managing folder privileges.


This tab contains a list of groups that are under this folder.

Click on the Details button next to a group in order to access it.

See Manifest - Create a Group and Manifest - Edit Group Information for more info about creating and editing group info


This tab contains all the subfolders that are under this folder

While main folders Manifest can only be created by Manifest Service administrators, subfolders can be created by anyone with admin access to the folder it resides in.

Create Subfolder

  1. Click Create subfolder.
  2. Enter the name of the new subfolder.
  3. Enter at least two email contacts for this subfolder and click + Add contact.
  4. Fill in a brief description for the new subfolder.
  5. Click Create folder.

Update subfolder

Subfolders behave similarly to a regular Manifest folder.

To update a subfolder, click on the open button next to it and proceed to update it with instructions from this doc.

Other Actions

Update Folder Description

  1. Click More Actions.
  2. Click Edit Folder Details.
  3. Make any changes and click Save.

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