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Welcome to the Help Desk Tools. This document will explain how to use these tools and how to interpret the results.

We recommend reading Manifest - Getting Started beforehand if you're not familiar with how Manifest works.

Search memberships by NetID

When you look up a user with this tool using their NetID, it'll display a list of folders that contain the groups that the user is affiliated with. The folders are represented in the path that they live in and they are all arranged in alphabetical order.

In the example below, the search result is a list of folders that contain the groups that the user is an admin for (see blue arrow). We opened the folder under the path and we can see that there are 2 groups under it, which is mfa and recovery. Hence, we can tell that this user is an admin for both of those groups under that folder.

The search result usually starts off by showing the admin section. If you wish to see the list of folders for groups that the user is a member of instead, you would need to navigate to the page where it starts showing that. In the example below, we had to navigate to page 3 in order to see the member section.

Search groups by SAML2 entity ID

If we search by SAML2 entity ID, we will see a list of groups, represented in path name, that uses that entity ID

Search groups by path ID

If you know the path name to a folder and would like to look up the groups that lives in it, you may use this tool to lookup the groups that live within this path/folder.

Search invitations by email address

Users may also be invited to a Manifest group through email invitation. This tool allows you to look up the groups that a certain email address has been invited to.

Please be advised that the filter function does not fully work as intended and may not filter the results properly. Please use it with caution.

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