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VZAccess Manager - Configuring Macintosh

If the VZAccess Manager Setup Assistant does not begin automatically, click Finder > Applications > VZAccess Manager to launch the application. From the Menu Bar, click Options > Run Setup Assistant.

Note: VZAccess is not supported by the DoIT Help Desk. We can provide best effort support only. If you encounter trouble using VZAccess, you should contact Verizon for support via phone at 800-922-0204 option 3 or by going to

If you have questions about ordering Verizon's data access, see the order information and rate information provided by DoIT Voice Services.

  1. Click Continue.

  2. 4_0_1_vzam_install-14.jpg

  3. Click Continue. NOTE: If this is the continuation of a software installation proceed to step 3.

  4. vzam_v30_setup_assistant-02.jpg

  5. Select Detect WWAN device (mobile phone or PC Card) only then click Continue.

  6. 4_0_1_vzam_install-15.jpg

  7. Insert the PC Card or connect the wireless device via USB then click Continue.

  8. 4_0_1_vzam_install-16.jpg

  9. Click Continue.

  10. 4_0_1_vzam_install-17.jpg

  11. If prompted, enter the device's 10-digit mobile number then click Continue.

  12. 4_0_1_vzam_install-22.jpg

  13. If prompted, enter the Name / Password then click OK.
    NOTE: If the administrator credentials are not known, contact the system administrator.

  14. 4_0_1_vzam_install-18.jpg

  15. Click Continue.

  16. 4_0_1_vzam_install-19.jpg

  17. Click Continue.

  18. 4_0_1_vzam_install-20.jpg

  19. Click Continue.

  20. 4_0_1_vzam_install-23.jpg

  21. Click Close.

  22. 4_0_1_vzam_install-21.jpg

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