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e-Reimbursement - Handling Expense Reports after an appointment has expired

e-Reimbursement pulls funding information for each traveler from UW-Madison's payroll records in order to determine default funding as well as eligibility to use the system. When a user's appointment ends, e-Reimbursement requires that special steps be taken in order for expenses to be reimbursed.

Accounting Services has released a memo describing the issues that arise when an appointment has expired. The information below is adapted from that memo.

  • The best way for an employee to be sure that they will be able to submit a request and be reimbursed will be to submit and have the expense report fully approved before the employee's appointment end date.

  • If an employee will not be able to complete a fully approved expense report before the employee's appointment ends, the employee must designate another employee as an Alternate to submit on behalf of the employee before the end of the appointment. Please note that an Alternate may only submit an expense report for terminated employees up to 365 days after their appointment ends or for non-employees; Alternates cannot submit for active employees. After the 365 days, a non-employee profile needs to be created.

  • If an employee did not submit an expense report that was fully approved by their appointment end date and/or designate an Alternate before their appointment end date, the HD East team can assign an Alternate for the terminated employees profile.

  • If the employee does not submit an Expense Report before the appointment end date and has begun a new appointment (e.g. moving to another division on campus, or obtaining a new appointment within the same division), the system should recognize automatically default to their new appointment when creating a new expense report; however, they may need to change the default funding within the expense report before submitting if it needs to be paid under their old appointment.


    Internal Notes

    These issues can occur any time an appointment expires and increased call volume may occur in times when faculty appointments end before their new appointments begin (e.g. summer). Employees who move from one appointment to another may receive an error that the expenses entered into the report are before the new hire date. The HD East team can back date the start date within their profile.  

    If a user is experiencing issues accessing e-Reimbursement or an Approver or Auditor is receiving an error when attempting to open or approve an expense report, navigate use the following navigation to check their profile: Travel and Expenses > T&E Administration Center > Profiles and Preferences > View/Update Profile. Enter the Emp ID and click Search. Click on the Organizational Tab. Click the arrow button on the profile until you are viewing the "Travel 600" profile. Look for one of the following: the profile is inactive, the profile is not valid for expenses and/or the business unit is not UWMSN. If any of these are indicated on the employees profile they will not have access to the system. Accounting Services e-Reimbursement Administrators can manually alter these fields so you should create a WiscIT case and forward the call to the e-Reimbursement team.

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