Adobe CLP Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ applies to Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) products for sale to departments on the WISC and Tech Store catalog sites. Please see for info on the UW's Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement, through which most Adobe software is available for no additional charge.

Where can I see license agreement details?

Should I register an Adobe CLP product?

When you install Creative Suite v6 products, you will be required to sign in with an Adobe ID and register the software within 7 days of installation. IT administrators can use the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition 3.0 to create deployment packages for CS6 that do not require activation.

Other (non-CS6) products are already registered under the CLP for UW System and Wisconsin Technical College System.

How is the Adobe contract different from the Microsoft campus agreement?

Adobe's CLP is a volume licensing program, not a site license. Departments must purchase licenses for each installation.

I just bought a new Adobe license, and I didn't get an installation key. How am I supposed to install the software?

When you purchase just a license, you should use the installation media and key from the initial order on which you did purchase media. If you don't have access to those, please send an email with your order number to

Who is eligible to purchase departmental Adobe CLP products?

UW System departments and Wisconsin Technical College System departments are eligible to purchase.

On the WISC site, why can't I order Adobe and products (Microsoft, Corel, FileMaker, Apple) on the same WISC order form?

Because of the number of Adobe products, an order form listing all of them with all the other products would be ungainly.

How does concurrent licensing work in a mixed Mac and Win environment?

You must purchase at least one license and installation media bundle for each platform, which will get you the correct installation media. The additional concurrent licenses you purchase may be for either platform as long as you buy the correct total number. Many of Adobe's licenses are cross-platform.

Please note that Adobe changed their concurrency rules for all items introduced after 4/1/2012. Concurrent licenses are restricted to use only in computer labs. For more in-depth information about concurrent licenses see Adobe's Concurrency Policy here:

Adobe requires that Education institutions buying concurrent licenses use a license management technology to ensure that their concurrent licenses are properly deployed and administered

Home use is not allowed under concurrent licensing.

I looked at all of the Adobe options and I am confused as to what I should order!

Please refer to this doc for a description of the kinds of items offered under the Adobe CLP:

How can I check on my Adobe UPS delivery process?

Each order will receive an individual UPS tracking number from the Adobe distributor. That number will not be available to you for viewing online because Adobe products are distributed from an off-campus site. If you have not received your order in 4 business days or need to track it for other reasons, email us ( your WISC order number and a brief description of your situation.

If I have a question on my Adobe order, who do I contact?

Email us ( your WISC order number and a brief description of your situation.

How do I obtain the installation key for a No Charge Upgrade sent to me directly from Adobe?

You are eligible for a no charge upgrade if you owned maintenance for your licenses when a new version was announced. Adobe will email instructions to all users with current maintenance describing how to get copies of the installation media and installation keys.

If you do not receive an email from Adobe within 4-6 weeks of a new version announcement, please send an email to with as much information about your original order as possible (i.e., product purchased, date of purchase, order #, name of individual who placed the order, your institution) along with your contact information.

Why can't I just purchase Adobe installation media and nothing else?

Adobe requires the purchase of a new license with each set of installation media purchased. We sell new license and installation media bundles or new concurrent license concurrent and installation media bundles to meet the Adobe contractual obligation. Once a bundle is purchased, you can purchase as many additional licenses as you need. You may purchase multiple bundles to receive additional installation media.

What do all those Adobe terms mean (maintenance, concurrent maintenance, uplift, upgrade, etc.)?

Please refer to this doc for a description of the kinds of items offered under the Adobe CLP:

Why are there two order forms to pick from when ordering Adobe products on the WISC site?

The complete list is quite lengthy. The form that appears first lists only standard licenses and license/installation media bundles. The complete list also includes concurrent licenses, uplift licenses, and maintenance.

How is technical support handled for Adobe products?

The campus help desks currently supporting Adobe products will continue their traditional support models. For those campuses not supporting Adobe products, Adobe offers a searchable knowledgebase, technical guides, user forums, and "Adobe Support Exchange" at their "Customer First Support" web page at:

How Do I Claim a No-Charge Upgrade from the Adobe Licensing Site?

No-charge upgrades are available to customers who:

  • Own maintenance on an upgraded product
  • Purchase a license during Adobe's post-announcement upgrade window (the time after the upgrade announcement during which the new version is not yet available).

The first time you purchase Adobe licenses, Adobe sends you an email with a login and password to access the Adobe Licensing Site site. You'll need that information to claim any future no-charge upgrades to which you're entitled, so be sure to save it.

If you're eligible for a no-charge upgrade, when your product is upgraded, Adobe will send you a second email containing a Coupon Code and instructions on how to use it. If you do not claim the upgrade within 90 days of receiving the Coupon Code, you can no longer get the free media (although you're still eligible for the upgrade).

If you encounter problems claiming the upgrade, call Adobe customer service at 1-800-443-8158.

If, after calling Adobe customer service, you are still unable to get your upgrade, please email for assistance.

Is documentation available?

The documentation sold to departments under the Adobe CLP is a printed version of the documentation available under the Help menu on the installed applications. The same documentation is also available for free online here:

Where can I learn how to use Adobe applications?

Adobe TV!

How does the order process work?

1. When you place an order for Adobe CLP software, you will receive an email confirmation within one hour. That email will contain the installation key if you purchased media. You will need that key to install your software. (If someone else purchases on your behalf, they will need to forward you that email when they get it.)

2. Your order is sent to a distributor in Madison. Assuming it is not backordered, any media ordered is shipped and usually delivered within 3 business days. The distributor processes your order and passes the order information on to Adobe Licensing.

3. Adobe Worldwide Licensing will send you a lengthy email within a few days.

From: Adobe Licensing
Subject: Welcome to the Adobe Licensing Web Site
Email Salutation: Dear Software Asset Manager

The important part of the email is the following:

Your login ID: XXXXXX000004
Your temporary password: xxxxxxxxxxx
For security, we suggest that you change your password the first time you use LWS. Password change instructions, including the required format, are on the site.

4. Please retain that email in case you are eligible for a 'No cost upgrade' in the future. You will need your login and password to log onto the site and claim the upgrade. You do not need this email for anything else except for upgrades.

5. The Adobe Worldwide Licensing email is generated automatically and can be confusing. If you have further questions please email

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