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Student Center - Adding a class

This document explains how to enroll for a class in the Student Center.

Click below for more detailed information related to how to enroll for a class in the Student Center.

To Add A Class:

Verify that you are enrolling for the correct term.

You may enroll for one class or place a number of classes into your Wish List/Shopping Cart and proceed with your request. Classes requiring concurrent enrollment need to be processed at the same time.

Search for Classes to locate the class and section you wish to enroll for. Once you've located the section you wish to enroll for, click on the 'select class' button to begin the enrollment process. The 'Enrollment Preferences' page will display with course information and any enrollment requirements designated for this section of the class.

If you wish to cancel your request at any time, click on the 'Cancel' button.

Classes with additional options such as variable units/credits, honors, or optional or related classes should be adjusted on the 'Enrollment Preferences' page. Please consult Enrollment Class Notes and Enrollment Requirements for important information regarding your course selections.

Complete updates (if any) on the Enrollment Preferences page and click 'Next'. The class has been placed into your Wish List/Shopping Cart. Click 'Continue Enrolling' to proceed with your request.

Select 'Finish Enrolling' to complete your enrollment process.

Class Number

The 5 digit enrollment class number is identified on the Search Results page with a yellow asterisk.

The 5 digit non-enrollment class number is identified on the Search Results page with a gray asterisk.


Identifies the Department and Course Number.


Number of units/credits you wish to take the class for.

Units are only in whole numbers (such as 4.00)

Enrollment Section

The section that corresponds to the 5 digit enrollment class number. This section may not be the only section the course is offering - review the Class Search Results page and your Class Schedule for a complete listing of sections.

LEC - lecture
DIS - discussion
SEM - seminar
LAB - laboratory
FLD - field
IND - independent study

Grade Basis

Determines how the course is graded and counted in GPA calculations.

  • Graded is the most common and equates to 'for credit'
  • SUS is satisfactory/unsatisfactory
  • Graded-Vet Med equates to 'for credit'
  • NCA is No Credit Associated and does not count in GPA
  • CNC is Credit/No Credit

Audit and Pass/Fail may appear once Academic Dean and/or department permission is granted. Only one section of a course will have a unique grade basis; the other sections will have NON as the grade basis.


Entry of this field may not be required. Some courses utilize general permission numbers to enroll for a class. Permission numbers may be obtained from the instructor or department.

Related Class Sections

This course may have a required or optional related discussion or laboratory section.

(Optional) is notated above the listing of related sections; click the corresponding radio button for 'No Selection' or to enroll for the optional section. Click NEXT to proceed.

Required sections will display:
You will automatically be enrolled in the following related class:
click NEXT to proceed with adding the class, or CANCEL to disregard your changes and return to select another class to add.

2nd Related Class

The class may have required or optional related discussion or laboratory section. Consult Enrollment footnotes for important information.

Concurrent Enrollment

Classes that require you to enroll for them concurrently (at the same time) during the term, may need to be enrolled for simultaneously.

To enroll in two classes concurrently, place both enrollment class numbers in your Wish List/Shopping Cart. Submit both enrollment requests together.

If either class is Unsuccessful, review the message information displayed.

Add Status

The Message area will indicate whether your enrollment is successful or whether an error has occurred.

If your enrollment was unsuccessful, please read the message displayed indicating reasons such as Class is Full or Class Requires Permission.

Contact the department offering the course with questions regarding availability.


The Office of the Registrar

333 East Campus Mall #10301, Madison, WI 53715-1384;

(608) 262-3811;

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