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WiscList - Managing / Administrating Lists (My Lists)

The My Lists section of WiscList allows list administrators to manage their lists. You can make changes to simple settings or log in to ListManager for advanced configuration options.

Accessing Your Lists

After logging in to Wisclist, you will be brought to the Administration screen. You can view your lists by clicking My Lists in the left-hand navigation menu.

Selecting a List to Manage

The My Lists screen displays a table of all lists you can access. Clicking on a list will open its management screen, allowing you to make simple configuration changes, view mailings, manage subscriptions, and view other information about the list.

You can also log in to ListManager for additional configuration options. This is only recommended for advanced users. If you are interested in using some of ListManager's features, please see these KnowledgeBase documents for instructions.

List Warnings

A list may be highlighted in red and have a notice or warning next to its name, indicating a potential issue. Click on the list or the associated warning to see more information about the problem.

Missing Lists

If a list you expect to see is missing from My Lists, please see WiscList - Missing List.

Overview of Basic List Settings and Information

List Administrators can change basic list settings within the My Lists screen by clicking on the desired list.

  • Description: This is a description of the list. It is displayed in WiscList to users who are subscribed to the list, as well as in the public list directory (if the list is published). The description can be edited on-screen and updated by clicking the Update button.
  • Status
    • Enabled: List is enabled and functioning.
    • Disabled: List is disabled and will not distribute list messages. Use this setting to temporarily stop mail without deleting the list.
    • Delete List: Clicking this link will permanently delete the list.
    • Copy List: Clicking this link will make a copy of the list. You will be prompted to choose a new name for the list. Lists can be copied with or without members.
  • Posting Address: This is the list's email address. Sending an email to this address will distribute it to the list's members.
  • Subscribe Address: Users can send a blank email to this address to subscribe to the list (if your list allows self-subscription)
  • Unsubscribe Address: Members can send a blank email to this address to unsubscribe from the list.
  • List Members: Clicking this link will show list members and administrators and provide the ability to add and delete them.
  • Mailing Status: Clicking this liknk will show your list's recent mailings and whether they sent successfully, failed, or are currently active.
  • Your Subscriptions: Clicking this link will show all of the user's subscriptions to the list in My Subscriptions.
  • Adv. List Management: Clicking this link will log you into the ListManager software, where you can access additional configuration options. This is recommended for advanced users only.
  • Posting Security: This setting determines who is allowed to send a message to the list.
  • Moderation: This setting determines whether the list is moderated. If the list is moderated, list administrators must approve each message that goes out to the list.
  • Subscription Security: This setting determines if users may subscribe themselves to the list.
  • Member Subscription Options: This setting determines whether members can change how they receive list messages (i.e. as they arrive, as a daily digest, etc.). Members can change their own settings within the My Subscriptions screen.
  • Subscription Confirmations: These settings determine whether users are required to confirm changes when subscribing to or unsubscribing from your list.
  • Enable Scheduling: This setting allows members to use the list to schedule WisCal events. Note: Enabling this setting will cause advanced settings in ListManager to become unavailable for this list.
  • Archives: This setting determines whether list messages are archived and, if so, who is allowed to access the archives. If archives are enabled, a link is included in the My Subscriptions for list subscribers. If the archives are public and the list is published in the public directory, a link will be available to view the archives in Public List Directory.
  • Public List Directory: This setting determines whether the list appears in the Public List Directory.
  • Prepend Listname: This setting determines whether the subject line of your mailings contains your list's name.
  • Suppress Auto-Responses: This setting will suppress out-of-office automatic responses for messages sent to the list.
  • Message Footer: Here you can include a default footer to be sent with all mailings from this list.

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