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UW-Madison G Suite - Create a Google Group

This document shows you how to create, add multiple members, and manage Google Groups using the new Google Groups administration website.


Create group

  1. Login to using your NetID credentials.

  2. Click on the Create Group tab.

  3. gg_newui_create.png

  4. Fill in the following fields:

    • Group Name: Enter a name that best describes the purpose of your Google Group (ex: bucky_project).

    • Archives (Message History):

      • Enabled (recommended): This setting will keep a copy of messages sent to the Google Group to be viewable anytime. Archived messages will be viewable by group members on the group’s homepage. Enabling archiving helps troubleshooting mail delivery issues.

      • Disabled: Messages sent to the group will not be copied and will not be available on the group’s homepage. Members will need to refer to their email inbox to view messages sent to the group.

    • Posting Security:

      • Only list administrators may post: Recommended for sending announcements. Do not enable this setting if you want other members to have the ability to post to your group.

      • List members may post (default): Recommended for group’s that would like to manage who receives and posts messages from your group.

      • Anyone in the Wisc domain: Recommended for group’s that would like to collaborate with UW-Madison colleagues without needing to manage who can post to the group.

      • Anyone may post (including non-members): Recommended for group’s that would like to collaborate with internal (UW-Madison) and external (non-UW-Madison) colleagues without need to manage who can post to the group.

    • Messages flagged as spam by Google:

      • Post message to group: Allow messages flagged as spam to send to your Google Group.

      • Send message to moderation (recommended): Messages flagged as spam will be sent to the Messages > Pending messages setting for your Google Group. Moderators can approve or deny the message. Learn more. Note: Sometimes legitimate messages may be flagged as spam.

      • Reject the message: Block all messages flagged as spam from reaching your Google Group.

  5. Click Create Group to complete the automatic creation of your Google Group.

Add many members

  1. Click on the Add Many Members tab.

  2. gg_newui_addmembers.png

  3. Fill in the following fields:

    • Group Name: Enter the name of your Google Group (ex: bucky_project). Do not add your Google Group email address (ex:

    • Members: Add each member’s email address one line at a time.

    • gg_newui_listofmem.png

  4. Click on Add members to finish adding members to your Google Group.

    • Both internal (UW-Madison email address) and external (non UW-Madison email address) can be added to your group using this page.

Manage groups

Click on the Manage Groups tab to start managing your list of Google Groups. Please remember, you will need to be logged into your UW-Madison G Suite account, not your personal Gmail account, to see your list of Google Groups.

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