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Support requests can be routed through the DoIT Help Desk at

New Features:

Better JIRA integration. New page type to help produce dynamic reports and retrospectives from JIRA projects. UW Linked In Learning offers free online training for Confluence.

Logging in

Why can't I see all the content I expect?

First, make sure you are logged in to the Wiki at

What if I don't have an account?

Anyone with a valid NetID should be able to create an account the first time they try to access the Wiki. After authenticating your account will be automatically created. If you need to access restricted content, you will then need to contact the people responsible for administering that space.


What if my NetID changes?

Regretfully, the software will not allow you to modify the NetID associated with your account. When you first log into the Wiki with your new account, a new account will be automatically created for you. You will then have to inform the people responsible for any spaces you need access to.

How do people log in if the do not have an account within the UW System (i.e., a Wisconsin Federation account)?

Individuals that do not have an account within a UW System school will need to request a NetID. See Getting NetIDs for Affiliate Populations for more information on that process and who is eligible.

Service Window

The Git service is regularly patched and updated on Tuesday nights from 10 pm to 11:59 pm. User experiences may be affected and access may be unavailable/ difficult during these periods. 

All outages will be posted at



What is a Wiki space?

A Wiki space is a collection of Wiki pages. The pages are scoped to that space. A space has a delegated administrator(s) and its own default set of authorizations.

Who or what can get a space?

The Wiki is primarily for DoIT employees. Spaces are created for projects, teams or groups that have a relationship with DoIT.

How do I get a space for my project, team or group?

If your project is for a team or group, send a request to with the proposed name, description of the space, the name(s) and NetID(s) of the person or persons who will be the delegated space administrators and whether this space should be visible to the world, only authenticated users, or only a specific individuals. The space administrator will then be able to manage the list of additional individuals allowed to access the space. For more details, please see DoIT Shared Tools - Confluence Wiki - Request New Space Creation.

How are pages organized?

Pages are contained within spaces. Within a space, they are organized in a hierarchical tree. When editing a page, you can change the parent page or move it to a different space.

How do I get access to a restricted space?

Space permissions are managed by the space administrators. If you don't have access to a space, you should contact one of the space administrators. You may already know who is in charge of the space due to the nature of the project and can contact them. If it is not clear, you can email and they will get you in contact with the right people.

DoIT Shared Tools - Confluence Wiki - Request New Space Creation


How do I specify who has access to view pages in my space?

If you are a Wiki space administrator, you can go to Browse Space > Space Admin > Permissions and grant people access to your space. Each individual page can also have further restrictions on who can access it. When editing the page, you can change the 'view' or 'edit' restrictions at the bottom of the page. Note that you can only further restrict access based upon permissions inherited from the space or parent page. Page restrictions are enforced after space permissions. They can only further restrict access. View restrictions are inherited by child pages; edit restrictions are not inherited.

I am trying to grant a person permission to see my space or page but I can't find them - what should I do?

In order to specifically grant a person access to a page or space, they need to have a Wiki account. Accounts are automatically created for DoIT employees. Accounts are created for other NetID holders the first time the log in. Non-NetID holders will have to manually have their accounts created (see above). Once the person has logged in (and their account automatically created), you can grant them access to the page (via page restrictions) or a site admin can grant them access to the space.

Can I make just a few of my pages available to a broader set of users?

Each space has a default specification of who is authorized to view pages. You can not make a page within that space available to individuals beyond the default set. You would need to move that page to a different space or change the default authorization configuration. Additionally, pages inherit the restrictions specified by parent pages.

Can I make pages available to the general public or unauthenticated users?

By convention, unless otherwise specified, new spaces are configured with access to any authenticated user. Spaces can have this restriction loosened and anonymous access granted.

  • NOTE  -  Caution should be exercised if anonymous access is granted.

Make sure that anyone creating content in that space understands that it is open to the general public. Also, if you allow anonymous users to create pages, edit content or add comments, you are opening it up to abuse from spammers. You will need to actively monitor comments and delete inappropriate ones. This will require someone to sign up for change notifications by clicking on Browse -> Advanced and click on Start watching this space.

How can I access my space when the Wiki is down?

For DoIT customers of the Wiki you can put a request in following the instructions at this page DoIT Static Wiki Content.

Why aren't my credentials working when I click on the "Edit Document" link to edit an attached MS Office document?

Editing an attached office document that has been linked using the viewdoc/viewxls macros requires accessing the Wiki via WebDAV. The dialog that pops up requires your "local" Wiki credentials. This is your NetID and a special confluence-only password. See below on how to set or reset that password.

How do I reset or set my special, local, confluence-only password?

This is only used for WebDAV or SOAP access. General users should never need to know their confluence-only password and should ignore this! You can set your password by clicking the Profile link underneath your name at the top of the page and selecting the Settings tab and then Password link. If you don't know your password, you can reset it here.


Dynamically Assigned Groups

There are a number of groups that get automatically assigned when someone logs in with their NetID. including groups associated with a person's UDDS. Please see DoIT Shared Tools - Confluence Wiki - Auto-defined User Groups for more details.

Can I get a group created in the Wiki?

While groups can be created in the Wiki and then used for authorization, maintenance of the group must be done by primary Wiki administrators. If the purpose of the group is simply to specify who has access to a Wiki space, we highly recommend that the space administrator simply grant those individuals access on the space permissions page. This allows them to manage it themselves. If you do find it necessary to have a Wiki group created, send a request to with the name of the group and the names/NetIDs of its members.

How do I see who belongs to a particular group?

The Wiki has a built in macro that you can use on any page to display group membership. Ex: {userlister:groups=confluence-administrators}

How do I add/remove someone from a group?

Regretfully, only Wiki administrators can do this (which is why we encourage you to not use groups and instead reference individuals directly on the space/page permissions). If you need to add/remove someone from a group, send a request to with the name of the group, the name/NetID of the person and whether they need to be added or removed.


Why do I get emails when someone else edits a page?

Confluence has an 'autowatch' feature to facilitate the sharing of information. By default, you will receive an email notification each time someone edits or comments on a page that you added or updated. Individuals can turn autowatch off by editing the email settings in their user profile. See this page for more information. If you want to turn off notifications for a specific page, go to the page and then click Tools > Stop Watching.

How can I disable 'autowatch'?

Individuals can turn autowatch off by editing the email settings in their user profile. See this page for more information.

Training and Support

Where can I find more information about using Wikis?

Many channels offer playlists and videos on YouTube, including the official Atlassian YouTube channel. Atlassian vendor documentation also includes primers and tutorials.

Is there training available?

LinkedIn Learning offers Confluence Wiki Training Courses (requires NetID login).

How can I get further support?

Support requests can be routed through the DoIT Help Desk at This support is not meant to handle general questions about how to use a Wiki. See the previous two items for that.

Can I get a DoIT Wiki Space for a non-DoIT group or project?

We do allow spaces for non-DoIT projects or groups on a controlled basis. We want to provide an enterprise grade wiki service to the entire campus community. Due to available resources and the need to ensure the service does not grow past its capacity we do control how often we will grant reasonable non-DoIT Wiki space requests. The "loose" policy we have is to allow one non-DoIT space a week and queue up any extras for subsequent weeks on a First In, First Out basis. Send your request to and include the following information: Name of the Wiki, Preferred unique key (if known), and Project Lead.

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