Manifest - Create a Group

Manifest group administrators are able to create, configure and delete groups within the folders they've been granted access to (see Manifest: Request a Folder). When creating a group an administrator can specify additional administrators for the group, as well as create group Managers, who are only able to add and remove group members.

Group administrators are responsible for knowing and adhering to the Manifest service terms of use. Administrators are also required to pass this information on to the people that they add as administrators of a group.

Note: creating a Manifest group does not put the creator in the group. The creator of the group will be listed as an administrator for the group, but will not be a member of the group. If membership is needed, administrators must add themselves to a group after it is created (see Manifest - Manage Group Members).

The following procedures enable you to create groups within your Manifest folders.

  1. Log into the Manifest service at

  2. Click the Create new group button at the top of the screen. The Create Group page will appear.

  3. Select the folder that you want to create the group in from the dropdown list.

  4. Enter a group name and ID of your choice (32 characters max). See Manifest Group and Folder Naming Advice and Philosophy if you need help naming your group.

    WARNING: While the UI allows you to use any character, and technically any character is legal in your Group ID, we highly recommend using lower case and only non-whitespace ASCII characters in your Group ID because some software (notably, DoIT Web Hosting) cannot handle spaces and ID paths are handled case sensitively. The Toggle Group ID Capitalization button will do this for you:

    image of toggle button

  5. Enter a brief description of the group.

  6. Enter at least two email contacts for this group and click the + Add Contact

  7. Click Create Group when finished. You will be taken to your new group automatically.

  8. This is where you configure the new group. From this page you can add members to the group, add privileges for admins/updaters, assign a SAML2 entity ID, and edit the name and description of the group. You can do this immediately or click My Groups if you wish to configure the group at a later time.

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