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Scholarships@UW-Madison - Main Pages and Features

This document covers the main features of the online Scholarships@UW-Madison system. Review the various My Scholarships@UW-Madison screens and their functions to enhance your experience and visit our FAQS with questions. Please note that variations in scholarship application setup may affect what you see within your Scholarships@UW-Madison experience.

Note: if you use a screen reader, please read our screen reader hints.

*If you've received an error, please send a screenshot and the error text to the Scholarship Support Team.*

Welcome Page 

Students visiting Scholarships@UW-Madison for the first time will be directed to the Welcome page. Here, students can confirm their Academic & Contact information and view which organizations have open applications running on Scholarships@UW-Madison. Once you have verified your information, click Continue to begin the 'Find Scholarship Applications' process. If you are unable to access this page, contact the DoIT Help Desk

Note: Incoming freshman, incoming transfer students, and prospective applicants may not show a 'Major' or 'Year in School.'

Find Scholarship Applications  (Questions? Visit 'Find Scholarship Applications' FAQ)

The 'Find Scholarship Applications' tool is the primary way students can locate UW-Madison scholarships for which they are eligible. The process integrates student information stored in SIS (aka the Student Center) as well as answers to specific questions created by the organizations hosting the scholarships.

Filter Questions

After verifying Academic & Contact information, students will be brought to the 'Filter Questions' page. You will now be prompted to respond to a number of questions. The exact questions generated are based on the requirements of the scholarship applications that are currently open. Once you have finished answering these questions, click Continue to continue with the matching process.

Adding Applications

After answering filter questions, students will be presented with a list of 'Eligible Applications' that are matched to scholarships for which you meet the requirements. These application matches are based on your personal and academic information as well as your responses to the filter questions. In some cases, you may be eligible to apply to more than one scholarship with the same application. If you would like more information on the scholarship(s) you were matched to, click on the View the # Scholarship(s) link on the left for the specific application. You can also view some of the basic application requirements (deadlines, recommendations, and document uploads) and optional items on the right-hand side.

When you have decided to apply for a matched scholarship, click on the Add Application button. If successful, this button will then be replaced by the message "Application Added" and a link to the My Scholarships Dashboard.

Please note, you may find that applications you expected to see will not appear; because scholarships pull student data outside of what you supplied manually, some scholarships may be eliminated based on factors that were not explicitly stated. Additionally, you may find that you match to no applications. Depending on the time of year, this may be due to the lack of scholarship applications that are currently open. The Scholarships@UW-Madison Team suggests completing the 'Find Scholarship Applications' process regularly throughout the year to ensure you are matching to all scholarship opportunities for which you are eligible.

If you would like more information regarding a specific scholarship's requirements, you will need to contact the group offering the scholarship directly. Find contact information by searching for the appropriate organization within the 'Explore Scholarships' page on the Scholarships@UW-Madison homepage.

My Scholarships Dashboard 

The 'My Scholarships' dashboard is the central hub for students in Scholarships@UW-Madison. Find scholarship applications, complete applications, and accept scholarship awards all from the 'My Scholarships' dashboard!

Note: Returning users with at least 1 application added will be brought to this screen upon logging in, not the 'Welcome' screen.

Check for Scholarship Applications Section

After completing the 'Find Scholarship Applications' process for the first time, students may continue to search for scholarship opportunities using the Find Scholarship Applications button in the 'Check for Scholarship Applications' section.

My Applications Sections

After adding applications, you will complete them from within the three 'My Applications' sections:

  • My Active Applications Section - All applications with a future close date that are in 'Not Started,' 'In Progress,' or 'Submitted' status.
  • My Closed Applications Section - All applications in 'Completed' status.
  • My Expired Applications Section - All applications with a past close date that are in 'Not Started,' 'In Progress,' or 'Submitted' status.

For any scholarship application you have added to this page, you will be able to view the following:

  • Scholarship Application Name: In addition to viewing the application name, you will also find a link to contact the group offering the scholarship under the Questions header.

    • Note: The status of your application (i.e. Submitted, Cancelled, etc.) will appear next to the application name while you progress through the application.
  • Scholarship Details: Click the View the # Scholarship(s) button to view the scholarship(s) you will be applying for completing the application as well as details for each individual scholarship.

    • Note: The application name will NOT always match the name of the scholarship for which you are applying.

  • Application Deadline: Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM CST on the date specified. Please note that some scholarships have a very large pool of applicants and waiting until the deadline can frequently result in slow site performance. In cases where technical issues occur due to unusually high site traffic, Scholarships@UW is not responsible for missed deadlines.

  • Action Required: If an application is open and in progress, you can will find instructions and a link to Complete this application within the 'Action Required' section.

    • Note: As you complete various portions of the application, the 'Action Required' text will update accordingly.
  • Remaining Requirements: This box denotes whether you have completed the application requirements for Questions, Documents, and/or Recommenders. Use the 'Remaining Requirements' box to track your progress as you complete your application.

    • Note: Once the requirements have been met for Question(s), Document(s), and/or Recommender(s), a green 'Complete' checkmark will appear.
    • Note: Optional Question(s), Document(s), and/or Recommender(s) also appear in the 'Remaining Requirements' table. However, their status will neither affect the aforementioned 'Complete' checkmarks nor restrict students from submitting applications.
  • Start Application: Click Start Application to begin work on your application.

    • Note: As you work on your application, this button will change to Continue Application. Once you have submitted your application, the button will change to View Submission.

    • Note: An additional button, Edit Recommender(s), will appear if you have submitted your application but still have recommendations pending.

Completing Applications

Applications may be comprised of several components: Instructions, Questions, Recommendations, Document Uploads, the Profile, and Confirmation. While not all applications will require each component within their setup, students will work within the application framework for each application.

Application Questions (Questions? Visit 'Application Question FAQ')

Some applications will ask you to respond to a series of questions. This step is not required for all applications. Required questions will appear with a red 'Required' tag on the left-hand side. Additionally, once a student's response has been saved, a gray 'Saved' tag will also appear on the left-hand side.

Any questions about this section should be directed to the school or organization offering the scholarship.

Application Recommendations (Questions? Visit 'Student Recommendation FAQ')

Some applications may require recommendations be submitted on your behalf. To send requests for recommendations, click the Add Recommender button. You will then be prompted for the recommender's name, email address, and an optional note to send to the recommender. You may either click Save for later to save your progress for a later time or Save and Send Email to send your recommendation request immediately.

If one of your recommenders is having trouble receiving the automated message, it may be that their email domain is flagging it as spam. In addition to having them check their spam folder, you can also revisit this page to send an additional request to the same recommender at a different email address.

  • Note: State education email domains (e.g. in particular have been found to have problems receiving recommender emails from the Scholarships@UW-Madison site due to high spam settings.

Document Uploads (Questions? Visit the 'Document Upload Guide')

Some applications may require students to upload documents (e.g. resumes, cover letters, project proposals, etc.) as part of the application process. Follow the instructions provided within the application and visit the Document Upload Guide to find the steps required to upload a document.

My Profile

For those applications that include a Profile requirement, students will be prompted with the 'Profile' trainstop. Here, students are presented with the number of entries in their Profile, the last time they updated, and a link directly to their Profile. Once students feel that their Profile is up to date, they must acknowledge as much before heading to the 'Submit' trainstop.

Application Submit (Questions? Visit 'Application Submission' FAQ)

The last stage of any application is the submission page (usually named "Confirmation" in the progress bar). Here you will have another opportunity to verify your contact information and correct it in the Student Center if necessary. Finally, follow the instructions in the Certify and Submit; when you are ready, click Submit Application.

My Awards Section

Once you have been notified of a scholarship decision, you can visit the 'My Awards' section of your My Scholarships Dashboard to view and accept and/or decline your scholarship award offers.

For each scholarship, you will see the scholarship name (preceded by the status of the offer), the award offer amount provided by the scholarship, the number of academic terms for which it is valid, the starting term, and contact information for the organization offering the award.

If you have been offered a scholarship, you will be prompted to complete the Action Required. Click the Accept/Decline Award button to make a final decision.

Note: If you have already accepted a scholarship listed on this page, you will see the scholarship listed with a link to Review Award Details and Review Documents, if applicable.

Accepting/Declining Awards

Once you have opened the award via the Accept/Decline Award button, you will review the formal award offer. Here, students may read information and instructions specific to their scholarship award, review the details of your award payments and the terms in which they will be paid out, and download documents related to the award. Once you have reviewed the information, locate the Action Required and click the Answer Offer Questions to begin the acceptance process or click Decline Award.

If you have chosen to Answer Offer Questions, make sure to read them carefully before selecting Accept Award to formally accept the award offer. Required questions will show a red 'Required' tag on the left-hand side. If you choose to Decline Award, you do not need to complete the questions. Once you have accepted your award offer, click Download Acceptance to download a PDF file containing all relevant award offer information.

My Profile

Many scholarship applications will call for information from your profile. If desired, you can fill out this section before beginning any applications. If profile information is required for an application, you will also be referred to this page as part of the application completion process.

Use the Add Employment, Add Volunteer, Add Student Involvement and Activities, Add Research and Publications, and Add Awards and Honors buttons to complete your Profile.

Visit the  Scholarships@UW-Madison FAQs

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