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WiscList - List Settings and Securing Your Lists

WiscList has a variety of features that can be used to help secure your list so that spam and unwanted mailings can be reduced or prevented. Below you will find some common ways to secure your lists.

Subscription Security

This setting determines who can subscribe as a member to your list. The most common method for self-subscription to a list is to email

  • Anyone can subscribe: The list subscription is public and any email address may join the list.
  • List administrators must approve new subscriptions: Anyone may request to join the list, however administrators must approve the request via the WiscList Admin interface before the member is added.
  • Only list administrators may add new members: The list is completely closed to join requests. List administrators must add new members manually, using the WiscList Admin interface.

To view or change this setting: Go to My Lists > [select list] > Subscription Security.

Posting Security

This setting determines who can send messages to your list.

  • Only list administrators may post: Regular list members cannot send mailings to the list.
  • List members may post: Anyone who is a list member may send mailings.
  • Anyone may post (including non-members): The list is public and any address may send mailings to your list, even if they are not a list member. This setting is subject to the most spam.

To view or change this setting: Go to My Lists > [select list] > Posting Security

Subscription Confirmations

Checking this setting will prompt a confirmation email to the address which has requested to join a list. Requiring members to verify their requests can help prevent bots and spammers from joining your lists.

To view or change this setting: Go to My Lists > [select list] > Subscription Confirmations


You may choose to review messages that are sent to your list, before they are distributed to all members.

  • List messages are moderated: If you would like to moderate all messages, select this setting. Any messages that are sent to the list must be approved by a list administrator before they will be sent. Senders will be notified when their message is being held for moderation.

    Members with the Bypass Moderation setting enabled will be able to send messages to the list without them being subject to approval.

    See Also:

    WiscList - Enabling Moderation
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  • If you prefer to moderate only new members' messages, the WiscList Advanced interface allows you to specify how many messages should be moderated before a member has unrestricted access to post. This is particularly useful if you are concerned about new members spamming your list, but don't want to restrict all member mailings.

    To view or change these settings: go to WiscList Advanced > Utilities > List Settings > Email Submitted Content > Approval.

    • Is list moderated: [number moderated]: Members have their first few messages approved.
    • Approve # for number moderated: 0-10, 20, 50, 100, or Always.

Ban Addresses

Subscription requests are subject to any ban rules that you impose on your list. Banned domains or addresses will never be able to request to join.

  • If many unwanted requests are coming from a particular domain, the WiscList Advanced interface will allow you to automatically block any requests coming from those addresses.
  • If you only want certain domains to be allowed to subscribe, i.e. only for example, you may add an 'Accept' ban which will only allow addresses from the predetermined domains to join (and will ban the rest).

To view or change this setting: Go to WiscList Advanced > Members > Ban Addresses

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