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Learn@UW - Using Release Conditions in Your Course

This document summarizes important information about release conditions that an instructor may set in a Learn@UW course.

General Notes

  1. A release condition is satisfied "once a condition has ever been met" as opposed to being satisfied only "if a condition is currently met".

  2. Students cannot see the conditions that have been set. The instructor must inform the students what they must do to complete requirements.

Conditions Based on Role

  • Since a user's role may change or a user may have multiple roles for different courses in the same organization, a condition may be released for a role it was not intended to be released for. For example, your course may contain a link to information that only applies to students and you may wish to make the link available to students but not other instructors or TAs who visit the course. If you use release conditions, the link could possibly be made available to instructors or TAs. (See item 1 in General Notes above.)

Content Tool

  • Be careful in setting a condition that requires the viewing of all Content Topics. If any topic has another condition on it, it may be that the condition of viewing of all Content topics may never be met. The student would not know that a topic is hidden from view.

Checklist Tool

  • For the Checklist tool, it is possible to list what must be completed. Note, however, that students must return to the checklist and mark off all the tasks that were completed. This may be confusing because there is no update or submit button.

  • Conditions that release based on the completion of the entire checklist work correctly; however, conditions based on completion of a single item fail when there are more than one items listed in the Checklist.

Discussion Tool

  • In User Security settings, make sure that "Override release conditions on Forums & Topics" are allowed in courses for instructors/administrators, or the forum/topics with conditions are not viewable!

  • In Discussion Forums, there is a two-step process for creating a NEW conditional use.

    1. Click the "Add Existing" button under "Addtional Release Conditions" to create a new conditional use and save it.

    2. Re-click the "Add Existing" to select the condition.

    (Other tools accept the new condition immediately.)
  • When creating a new conditional release based on a discussion forum, topic choices include deleted forums and topics.

Chat Tool

  • There are no provisions to set up conditional use in the Chat tool.

Quiz Tool

  • If a release condition on a Content topic requires more than one attempt on a quiz (for quizzes allowing multiple attempts), the topic is released to a student after the student has taken the quiz only once.

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