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LabArchives: Roles

Explains the roles in LabArchives and the rights associated with each role.


The LabArchives platform has roles based on traditional lab/research group structure: a team of researchers under the guidance of a Principal Investigator (PI).  For this reason, ELN accounts at UW-Madison are associated with PIs and other members of the lab are assigned roles within that lab/research group account. This is somewhat different from other UW-Madison services (Box, Google Apps) in which every individual has an account.

The roles described below are set up by the PI and/or designee (Admin role) in the Notebook user management screen under Notebook Settings. Note that adding lab members requires a prior authorization step (See LabArchives: Add lab members) and differs from sharing (LabArchives: Sharing ) which adds an individual in the Guest role, which is a more temporary role than is suitable for most UW-Madison researchers.

To assign and manage roles for individuals in a notebook, select Notebook Settings from the vertical three dot menu icon on the upper right. Select the User Management Tab and use the pull-down menu under Role to select a role for each individual



Description of Roles in LabArchives

There are four basic roles in LabArchives:
  • Notebook Owner (Principal Investigator)
    • Controls notebooks in the lab ELN account (there can only be one Owner per notebook)
    • Creates notebooks, folders, templates
    • Adds Admins, Users, Guests, and Groups to each notebook
    • Sets edit/view permissions for Users and Groups in each notebook
    • Shares notebooks, folders, pages, and entries with Guests
    • Can transfer ownership of a notebook to someone else
It is recommended that PI's retain the Owner role in their lab's notebooks because the Owner role best enables the PI to:
    • Comply with the Graduate School Policy on Research Data Stewardship, Access, and Retention
    • Maintain oversight of how lab members are maintaining information in the ELN
    • Control who notebooks are shared with, and 
    • Ensure that all members of their research group can facilitate access to templates, protocols, custom widgets, and other ELN assets by all members of the research group.
  • Administrator (Designee of the Principal Investigator, e.g., lab manager)
    • Administrators have the same rights as the Owner except they cannot transfer ownership of a notebook
The Admin role enables PIs to designate the tasks associated with creating notebooks and managing users to another lab member while still retaining oversight and access to all the lab's notebooks.
  • Users (Most lab members and long-term collaborators)
    • Can edit/view pages, folders, and entries within a notebook, with permissions set by the PI or designee
    • Can print/download notebooks, pages, and entries to which they they have been granted edit/view permissions
    • Cannot create notebooks in the lab account
    • Cannot set edit/view rights of other Users/Groups 
    • Cannot invite or share notebooks, pages, or entries in the lab account with Guests 
  • Guests (Short term collaborators outside of the UW-Madison; not suitable for most UW-Madison researchers)
    • Can be granted rights to view or edit entries within a lab's notebook. However, they lose edit access after 60 days unless they upgrade to a paid account. View only access can be maintained indefinitely.
    • Can create an individual account with 25 MB (total for all guests of the lab account) of space to upload data 
    • Cannot be part of a Group
    • Cannot invite or share notebooks, pages, or entries in the lab account with Guests
    • This is the automatic role assigned to anyone (including a UW-Madison researcher) with whom you share (See: LabArchives: Sharing) notebooks, folders, pages, or entries.

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