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WiscList (Advanced) - Scheduling Digitally Signed Mailings

The WiscList List Manager interface allows users to send and schedule digitally signed mailings that have been generated by an email client like Outlook or Apple Mail. The following procedure is useful for scheduling announcements that must be signed with a PKI certificate.

Note: WiscList will process digitally signed messages without any additional configuration. Use this procedure only if you need to schedule a mailing that is digitally signed with a PKI certificate.


You will need the following components configured before you can schedule a digitally signed announcement:

  1. A digital certificate that is installed and valid for the From address you'll be using. See the UW Digital ID Knowledge Base for additional information.

  2. A WiscList list configured for moderation. See WiscList - Enabling Moderation for instructions.

  3. Access to WiscList List Manager (WisCal scheduling must be disabled). See WiscList - Advanced List Management (List Manager) for the login procedure.

  4. A From address that is allowed to send to the list, but has the Bypass Moderation setting UNCHECKED. See WiscList - Adding a List Member or Administrator for information about adding new members and the Bypass Moderation setting.


The following steps assume that you have completely configured the above requirements. If you have not done so, your mailing may not be signed, or it may go out to the list as soon as it is received. If you have any questions about the above requirements, it is recommended you seek assistance before proceeding.

  1. Verify the WiscList is configured according to the requirements above.

    • Confirm that the From address is able to send to the list. Your list settings will determine if the address must be added as a member or an administrator.

    • Ensure that the WiscList has Moderation setting enabled and is set to List messages are moderated. If the From address was added as an administrator, be sure that Bypass Moderation setting is UNCHECKED.

    • You must be able to access the WiscList - Advanced List Management (List Manager) interface. If you cannot, ensure that the Enable Schedule feature is UNCHECKED.

  2. Create your message with the email client of your choosing.

    • It is recommended that you send a copy of the message to yourself before sending to the WiscList.

    • Once you are ready, you may send the message to the WiscList via [listname]

    • Assuming you have configured moderation as indicated above, the mailing will be placed in a moderated state awaiting administrator approval before it goes out.

  3. Schedule the mailing with WiscList List Manager.

    • Log into WiscList - Advanced List Management (List Manager) and navigate to Mailings > Approval > Need Approval using the navigation panel on the left side of the screen.

    • You will see a copy of the message on the Need Approval screen.

    • Click the Schedule link that corresponds to the mailing you want to send to the list.

    • Click the radio button next to schedule for and choose the date and time that you would like the mailing to go out.

    • Click Save or Save And Test to schedule the mailing. If you choose to perform a test, the message will go out at the scheduled time and a test will be immediately sent to the address you specify in the Test Mailing screen.

Note: If your mailing is going to more than 5000 people, please read the following document that addresses considerations for large mailings: Mass Email - Best Practices. The WiscList Team reserves the right to throttle peak-hour mailings that affect service performance. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.

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