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MyUW - Expanded and Compact Widget Modes

The MyUW homepage displays widgets in either compact or expanded mode. You can customize your homepage and change how widgets are displayed.

Widget display modes

Expanded mode

Expanded mode shows widgets as large tiles. In this mode, you can preview news items, use shortcuts, and even search catalogs. 

To explore the inventory of expanded widgets you can add to your homepage, see MyUW - Inventory of Tiles with Expanded Modes.

Three tiles showing lists of news pieces and buttons with icons linking to related resources

Compact mode

Compact mode only shows icons and app names on smaller tiles, ready for launching. 

This mode may be ideal for users who have many apps on their homepage or when using smaller screens.

Three smaller tiles only displaying a single icon and the app title

Switching modes

To toggle between widget display modes, enter the MyUW menu.

MyUW Hamburger menu button (three horizontal lines)

Select Change tile size to switch between the widget modes.

Button in MyUW Options titled "Change tile size"

Saving display preferences

The MyUW homepage displays a widget mode based on your browser. If you do not have a preference selected, it will choose one based on browser information (i.e. mobile or desktop size).

MyUW homepage preferences are automatically stored in your web browser's local storage. This allows users to have different preferences between different browsers or devices.

If you log into MyUW from a new browser, clear your browser's cache, or log in using a private or Incognito browser, your preferences will need to be reset.

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