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WiscList (Advanced) - Sending the Same Message to Multiple Lists (Cross-Posting)

WiscList mailing lists may be set to disallow cross-posting by default, but lists can be configured to allow it.

Cross-Posting Error

If you attempt to send the same message to more than one list, you may receive a "bounced email error" similar to the one below:

Sorry, your message was not sent out to 'mylist' because the
message is identical to a message you sent to 'mylist2' recently.

This can occur when all the members of "myList2" are also members of "myList", or vice versa. If you are certain you want to send identical messages to more than one list, you'll have to configure each list to enable cross-posting.

Enabling Cross-Posting

Note: You will need to follow these instructions for every list to which you plan on sending similar messages.

  1. Log in to the WiscList ListManager interface. See WiscList - Advanced List Management (List Manager).
  2. Verify the list you want to work with is selected. See: WiscList (Advanced) - Working with Multiple Lists.
  3. Click the Utilities button in the left-hand navigational menu to expand the Utilities submenu.
  4. Highlight List Settings, then Discussion Group Features, and click Message Rejection Rules.
  5. Click on the Same Message Rules tab.
  6. Set Allow cross-posting? to yes.
  7. Set Cross-postings and duplicates to Make sure that multiple copies of cross-postings are removed. This will ensure that members of multiple lists only receive one copy of the message sent to those lists.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Under the Utilities submenu, highlight List Settings, then click on Basic Information.
  10. Click on the Enable Features tab.
  11. Set Archive messages? to Yes, save and archive messages sent on this mailing list.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Under the Utilities submenu, highlight List Settings, then click Automatic Maintenance.
  14. Click the Purging Archives tab.
  15. Set Keep archived messages for how many days to 1.
  16. Click Save.
  17. Repeat these steps for each list to which you plan on sending the same message.

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