Cisco VoIP - 8831 Conference Phone Display

Phone Display for the 8831 Conference Phone


   Item  Description
 1  Phone screen LCD screen displays conference phone menus and features 
 2  Softkeys  Four programmable keys
 3  Navigation bat with Select key  2-way Navigation bar and Select key that allows you to scroll menus and select items on the display
 4  Call button  LED backlit button. Press this key to:
  • Go Off hook
  • Answer an incoming call
  • Obtain a dial tone to initiate a call
  • Resume a call
  • Release a call
 5  Keypad  Allows you to dial phone numbers and enter letters
 6  Mute button  Toggles the Mute feature. A red backlight indicates a call is on mute.
 7  Volume rocker  2-way rocker swtich that raises the voulme of the speaker

 Phone Screen

8831 Display

   Item  Description
 1  Header  Displays date, time, and current directory number. Displays menu when applicable
 2  Line details and other phone information  Displays line lable, call details, and status messages such as missed calls, message waiting, and line forwarding information
 3  Call State icon  Indicates the status of a call, such as ringing, hold, or connected call
 4  Softkey labels  Displays softkeys for currently available features or actions
 5,6  Feature icons  These icons are displayed when an associated feature, such as extension microphones (5) or Link mode (6) is connected.

Phone screen icons

 call on hold  Call on hold
 connected call  Connected call
 incoming call  Incoming call
 on hook  On-hook
 off-hook  Off-hook
 shared line in use  Shared line in use

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