Cisco VoIP - 8831 Conference Phone Overview

Common phone tasks for the 8831 Cisco conference phone

 Common phone tasks

 Place a call  Press the call button (call button) or Call. You can do this before or after dialing
 Answer a call  Press the call button (call button) or Answer.
 End call  Press End Call.
 Mute conference station  Press the mute button (mute button)  on the base or microphones
 View call history  Press Apps and select Call History. To dial, highlight a listing and then press Dial.
 Hold/resume a call  Press Hold. To resume a call, press the call button (call button)  or Resume.
 Transfer call to new number  Press Transfer, enter the number and then press Transfer.
 Start a standard (ad hoc) conference  Press Conference, dial a participant, and press Conference.
 Forward all calls  Press Fwd All.
 Join  From a connected call, press Conference and then press Calls to view a call list for join.
 Redial  Press Redial.

Speakerphone volume 

 To increase or decrease the volume of a call, go offhook after invoking dial tone, press the up or down on the Volume bar. The Volume bar adjusts the volume for the currently active call and will autosave the volume level.

Adjusting the ringer volume

Press up or down on the Volume bar while the phone is onhook. Press the Volume repeatedly until you reach the desired volume level. The new ringer volume is saved automatically.

Changing the ringer sound

  1. Press Apps
  2. Use the Navigation bar and Select button to scroll and select Preferences.
  3. Select Ringtone
  4. Then select a ringtone
  5. Press Play to listen to the selected ringtone
  6. Press Set to choose the ringtone.
  7. Press Apply to confirm your selection, or press Cancel to go back to the Ringtone screen.
  8. Press the back button to return to the Preferences screen.

Changing the screen contrast

  1. Press Apps
  2. Use the Navigation bar and Select button to scroll and select Preferences.
  3. Select Contrast
  4. To increase contrast, press up arrow on the Navigation bar. To decrease, press down arrow.
  5. Press Save to set the contrast level or press Cancel to exit.

Conference calls

Starting a Conference Call 

*Before you can add a party to the conference, you must be on an active call and not on hold.*
  1. Press more> softkey until you find the Conf softkey
  2. Press the Conf softkey. (All callers currently on the call with be put on hold when you press the Conf button)
  3. Enter the phone number or speed dial number for the party you want to add. For more information on dialing from a Cisco phone, see Cisco VoIP - Dialing patterns
  4. After the new party answers, press Conf. Now all parties are connected to the same call. The phone has a limitation of 6 simultaneous calls. For larger conferences, please consider using a tool like Webex Meetings or Wisline.
  5. (Optional) Repeat these steps until all participants are added.

View conference participants

Press ConfList to view a list of the participants. 
Remove conference participants
  1. While in a conference, press ConfList to view a list of participants.
  2. Highlight the participant that you want to remove and then press Remove.

Create conference with two calls on the same line

  1. With two connected calls on the same line, select a call to make it the active call. The second call is put on hold.
  2. Press Conference.
  3. Press Calls to view the call list and select the caller to add to the conference.
  4. Wait for the call to connect
  5. Press Conference to add the participant to your call. The conference begins.
  6. You can add more participants to the conference by repeating the above steps.


Note: this will only work if the conference phone is set up for voicemail. Press Divert to send an incoming to voicemail.

If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance.

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