AEFIS - Eval - Frequently Asked Questions (Student) [UW-Madison]

This document provides answers to common student questions about course evaluations at UW-Madison using AEFIS, our digital course evaluation survey tool. For instructor FAQs, see AEFIS - Eval - Frequently Asked Questions (Instructor) [UW-Madison].

What is AEFIS?

AEFIS (Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback & Intervention System) is an online assessment tool used for various items on campus. The most used item is for creating, distributing, and managing digital course evaluation surveys. At UW-Madison, AEFIS is primarily for conducting end of semester and midterm course evaluations.

Led by the Office of the Provost, UW-Madison entered a multi-year partnership with AEFIS LLC. For more information, visit Course Evaluation Surveys from the Provost's Office.

When can I fill out my course surveys?

In most instances, end of semester course evaluations will be released two weeks before the last day of class. You will receive an email when your course evaluations are available.

Some courses also conduct midterm evaluations in AEFIS. Midterm evaluations usually occur around weeks five to seven of the semester. You will receive an email alerting you when midterm evaluations are available.

Where do I fill out my course evaluations?

Log into AEFIS at with your NetID credentials to fill out your course evaluations.

I've logged into AEFIS. Why can't I see the evaluations for all of my courses?

Not all departments conduct their course evaluations in AEFIS. Confirm with your instructor that you should be accessing your course evaluation in AEFIS.

If your instructor confirms that you should see the evaluation in AEFIS or if you have received an email stating that your evaluation is available in AEFIS, clear your browser cache and cookies and try logging in again. If you still don't see the evaluation, contact the DoIT Help Desk.

I filled out my course evaluation. Why can't I submit it?

Questions marked by a red asterisk are required. You will not be able to submit your survey until you have answered all of the required questions.

If you have answered all of the required questions and are still unable to submit, try clearing your browser cache and cookies (Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies ) or using a different browser. You may want to copy your evaluation responses into a blank document before clearing your cache, to ensure that you don't lose your work.

Contact the DoIT Help Desk if your issue persists.

I submitted my evaluation to the wrong course. How do I delete my submission?

Only AEFIS administrators can delete survey responses once they have been submitted. If you have submitted a survey response in error, contact the DoIT Help Desk.

Are AEFIS evaluations anonymous?

Yes, AEFIS course evaluation responses are anonymous to instructors. However, keep in mind these limits to anonymity:

  • If you provide identifying information in comment fields, your instructor will be able to see it.
  • AEFIS survey results are aggregated by course section. If you are in a very small course section, your instructor may be able to determine who submitted which evaluation.
  • Your name will be attached to your survey on the back-end and can be viewed by AEFIS admins. However, AEFIS admins will not access your survey results without due cause.

When will my instructor see my course evaluation responses?

Your instructor will not be able to view results from end-of-term evaluations until four days after final grades have been submitted

Why do I keep receiving emails from AEFIS?

You will receive an email when your AEFIS course evaluations become available. After that, you will receive an email every three days, until all of your course evaluations have been submitted.

Occasionally, not all of your course evaluations will get released on the same day. If this happens, you will receive an email when each of your evaluations becomes available and every three days thereafter. You may end up receiving an email every day, until all of your evaluations are submitted.

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