Kaltura MediaSpace transcript video player released

Posted: 11:53:58, Thursday, Jun 25, 2020   Expiration: 11:53:58, Monday, Sep 14, 2020  

On Thursday 6/25 Learn@UW-Madison released the Kaltura MediaSpace transcript video player which displays a transcript below your video.

The transcript is searchable, downloadable, and text will highlight as the video is played back. Users can also choose to embed a video with the transcript player using embed code in the Kaltura MediaSpace portal or in Canvas. You will see the transcript widget below a video played back in Kaltura MediaSpace if the video has captions:
A screenshot of the Kaltura MediaSpace transcript playerFor more information on using the transcript video player please see Kaltura/Canvas - Using the transcript video player in Kaltura MediaSpace and Canvas.

A few players were removed as options due to not receiving much use. This helps keep the number of players to a more usable number. Media previously embedded with those players will continue to function. The current options for user-selectable embeddable players in Kaltura MediaSpace:
A screenshot of the Kaltura MediaSpace Share->Embed user-selectable embeddable players.One of the embed sizes was also modified for use with the transcript player. The 500x318 sizes was changed to 500x569. Users who do not want to use the transcript player can still use the 1298x802 and 649x401 sizes for regular video embeds.

-- Learn@UW-Madison: Dan LaValley

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