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[RESOLVED] Issues with Box Edit in Chrome

Posted: 11:52:00, Wednesday, Nov 26, 2014   Expiration: 11:52:00, Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014  

Box Support recently reported a known issue where Box Edit does not work in the latest 64-bit version of Google Chrome for Mac and Windows. This issue has been resolved; please continue reading for more infomration.

After a recent update to Google Chrome, Box Edit was not being detected as installed for the browser. Attempting to use Box Edit would prompt it to be reinstalled, however, this prompt would continue reappear even after doing so.

Box Support has announced the release of a new version of Box Edit that should resolve this issue. You can download the new version of Box Edit directly from the following locations:

Once you have installed the new version of Box Edit, you should log into Box once from this URL: http://box.com/flip/box_edit_two/1

  • Note: When logging in from the link above, you will need to select Single Sign On.

-- Box Support

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