Campus Tools to Work Remotely

This document points to resources to assist students, faculty and staff in working remotely.

In order to work remotely, you may need some or all of the following:

You may only need a few of these options in order to perform work or school-related tasks. This document will give you options for accessing these services.

If you have any questions please  contact the DoIT Help Desk .

Internet Access

There are several options for internet access if working off-campus if you do not already have internet access remotely (i.e. cable, DSL, or dial-up):

Note: The DoIT Help Desk does not provide support for 3rd party internet connections such as Charter Communications, AT&T, AT&T U-Verse, TDS Metrocom, TDS Telecom, and Verizon DSL.

Security while working remotely

Now that you're online, you'll want to make sure that your computer is secure before accessing any campus resources.

Email, Box, Learn@UW

Once you have a secure connection, you'll need to perform the functions you normally do at work: access online courses, communicate with colleagues, access and save work-related files securely, schedule meetings, etc. Luckily, the university provides tools such as Office 365, Box, and Learn@UW to allow you to easily perform these tasks.

Work-related Programs

Often, working remotely requires software such as Microsoft Office that you may not have a personal copy of. If you are a faculty or staff member and you require specific software for working remotely, inquire with your department about purchasing a copy of the software for your home/remote use. Alternatively, you can download Microsoft Office applications from the Office 365 portal: Office 365 - Download/Install Office 365

If you require an office suite, but cannot acquire a copy of a supported office suite (i.e. Microsoft Office or Apple iWork), you may want to try the free, open source office suite Open Office. Open Office is able to open almost all Microsoft Office documents (including documents, powerpoint presentations, and excel spreadsheets), and is cross-platform compatible.

 Please Note: The DoIT Help Desk does not support Open Office.

Remote Desktop Access to your Work PC

Certain departments allow remote desktop access so that employees can access their work computer remotely. This is usually achieved via a combination of running WiscVPN and connecting to your work computer via a Remote Desktop Connection or VNC program.

Access to this service varies by department, operating system, method of remoting, and various other factors. In some departments, firewall restrictions may prevent remote connections completely. In other departments, making your computer available for remote access may violate policy. Ultimately, you need to contact your local IT support staff for more information about whether this option is viable and for assistance getting this setup.

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