Kaltura - MediaSpace player controls

This document provides information about what controls are available in the primary Kaltura MediaSpace player.

The main Kaltura MediaSpace player has the following features:

A screenshot showing the main Kaltura MediaSpace player with numbers for all the various controls and features listed below.

  1. Media entry's name or title
  2. Information about the media: Click to see the media's name, when it was uploaded and how many plays it has received, and a description (if you entered one) will appear over the media thumbnail.
  3. Alternate Play: A more obvious play button to begin playing the media.
  4. Playback head: The playback head will move from left to right across the timeline as you play a media entry. You can click and drag the playback head to move to a different point in the video. 
  5. Timeline: A visual representation of the duration of the media entry which you can drag the playback ahead across to advance or reverse to the point in the media you'd like to see.
  6. Play / pause button: Click to play or pause the media entry.
  7. Volume control: Click to mute or unmute. When you mouse over the speaker icon it will expand to show you the volume level. You can click the volume level to change the volume.
    A screenshot showing the Kaltura MediaSpace audio control. The user has moused over the speaker icon to expand it and show the volume control.
  8. The time display: The time on the left indicates where in the video you currently are. The time on the right indicates the total duration of the media entry.
  9. Playback rate selector: Click on the "1x" to play the media entry back at a faster or slower rate. The speeds currently available are: 2x, 1.5x, 1x, and 0.5x:
    A screenshot showing the Kaltura MediaSpace playback rate selector with 2x, 1.5x, 1x, and .5x speed options.
  10. Source or quality selector:  This menu will only display after having initially played and paused the media entry. The quality offered to viewers depends on the original quality of the uploaded video. If the uploaded video was only 720p, a 1080p video will not be offered. Given that a 1080p video was uploaded, 1080p, 720p, and 360p will be offered. The approximate bandwidths required are also listed:
    A screenshot showing the main Kaltura MediaSpace player source or quality selector opened on a video that was uploaded at 1080p quality. At the top is "Auto", followed by "1080P 1.1 Mbs", "720P .7 Mbps", "720P .4Mbs" and "360P .3Mbs".
    Kaltura defaults to "Auto" and deliver the highest quality version of a video that both the user's device and bandwidth can handle. Users with slower internet connections may want to consider manually selecting the lowest quality "360P .3 Mbs" source.
  11. Full-screen view: Click to make the video go fullscreen.
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