Help Desk - Email List Feature Mapping for Google Groups, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Eloqua

This document provides a high-level feature mapping for individuals who are transitioning their distribution list to Google Groups, Eloqua, or Microsoft 365 Groups. Please note, the list of features below are not a comprehensive list. If you would like to see a feature that is not listed below, please submit feedback so it can be added to the matrix.

 Feature  Google Groups  Microsoft 365 Groups   Eloqua
 Self-service interface    
 Send content-rich HTML messages blackexternallinkicon.png blackexternallinkicon.png blackexternallinkicon.png
 Throttle and schedule list No No No
 Analytics No  No
 Open tracking No No
 Tracking clicks  No   No 
 Tracking sends  No   No 
 Tracking visits to pages and forms No No
 Tracking (Eloqua or Gravity forms) form completion  No  No
 Import/Export contacts
 Message moderation        No
 Data-driven populations Yes   
 Setting permission      
 Group deactivation  No No  No
 Group file sharing       No
 Group calendaring Yes    No 
 Group collaboration tools       No 
 Suppress Microsoft 365 "out of office" message    Yes No 
 Allow non-Microsoft 365 members         
 Restrict membership view     No  No 
 Service account can be a member     No  No 
 Service account can be owner     No   No
 Analytics and reports  No  No   No
 Personalization of content using field merges  No  No 
 Dynamic content (displaying content according to rules)  No  No 
 Multistep marketing campaigns   No  No
 Automated email sends  No  No
 Ability to link to and pull content from WiscWeb Gravity Forms   No  No Yes
 Deduplication of email addresses in segments (lists)  Yes  Yes  Yes 
 Automatic removal of unsubscribed email addresses from sends  Yes Yes Yes
 A/B testing  No No 
 Ability to allow contacts manage their own subscriptions (opt-ins and opt-outs) Yes Yes
 Ability to manage subscriptions (opt-ins and opt-outs) for contacts Yes Yes
 Terms of Service        No

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