WiscVPN - Connecting to the Palo Alto GlobalProtect Client (iOS)

This document outlines the procedure for connecting with the new Palo Alto GlobalProtect iOS app. This app is for iOS versions 10.3 and later.

Note from Palo Alto: GlobalProtect app 4.1.5 for iOS is now renamed GlobalProtect Legacy and is superseded by the newly redesigned GlobalProtect app 5.0. We recommend that you uninstall any older versions and download GlobalProtect app 5.0 from the App Store. 

Connecting to the Palo Alto GlobalProtect App

Below are instructions for connecting to the GlobalProtect app from the App Store.

  1. Open the app. A prompt for a portal address (uwmadison.vpn.wisc.edu) will appear.

  2. You'll be asked to allow GlobalProtect to set up a VPN configuration. Click "Allow."

  3. Sign in with your UW-Madison NetID and Password. (DO NOT inlude @wisc.edu in the username.)

  4. You will be prompted with Duo as shown below. Enter the passcode from your fob/Duo Mobile app or enter "1" to receive a push on your mobile device.

  5. You should see a green shield in the center of the screen, and it should say "CONNECTED."


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