Engage - Order Tool Overview

Note: The Order Tool is not accessible by students at this time; it can still be used by Instructors and Course Coordinators for the purpose of ordering eTexts and publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs) for use with Engage. We hope to return student access in subsequent semesters.

This document provides an overview of the Order Tool. For accessibility concerns, please review this document.

What is the Order Tool?

The Order Tool enables instructors and/or course coordinators (curricular representatives) to place orders for digital course materials for an upcoming academic term. It also allows students to opt-out of digital materials during designated Student Choice periods.

For more information on roles (called profiles) in the Order Tool, including permissions, please review this document.

Note: The Order Tool will only be accessible for those that have been granted access.

The Order Tool is used with the Engage platform.

The Order Tool is available to instructors and curricular representatives (“Course Coordinators”) to place orders only during specific and defined ordering periods. It is also available to students who wish to opt-out of their course materials during designated opt-out periods. 

In the majority of cases, digital course materials are electronic textbooks delivered via the Engage eText reader. However, publisher courseware may be ordered via the Order Tool. Open Educational Resources (such as OpenStax textbooks) may also be ordered in the Order Tool.

Engage and the Order Tool are part of the Learn@UW suite of teaching and learning technologies at UW-Madison. If you have questions about the Engage Order tool, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.

Getting Started

To learn how to use the Order Tool, please refer to the following instructions: