UW-Madison Box - Recommended Browsers and Operating Systems

This document outlines the browser requirements for accessing UW-Madison Box.

Box officially discontinued support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 on September 26, 2016. Beginning May 1, 2017, these browsers will be blocked from accessing Box.

Support is being discontinued by Box because Microsoft will cease releasing updates for these browsers after the respective dates above. If you are currently using IE 9 or 10, please upgrade your browser to IE 11, or use an alternative browser to access Box after September 26, 2016.

In general, Box supports the current and prior major releases of the following web browsers and desktop/mobile Operating System (OS) versions on a rolling basis.

Recommended Browsers

The following browsers are fully supported for use with Box:

Operating Systems

The following operating systems are fully supported for use with Box:

Other Requirements

Your browser must be configured to accept cookies in order to access Box. For more information on managing cookies as well as links to instructions for enabling them on individual browsers, see: Web Browsers - Cookies FAQ.

Additional information on Box software requirements can be found here: Understand the Box Policy For Browser and OS Support

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